Andrew Stark2015

Andrew Stark2015

I am interested in reinterpreting the traditional Modernist portrayal of the sublime while directly confronting the optical nature of the painting experience. The surface and content of these paintings is meant to visually express micro and macro worlds and the dichotomy between observable and unobservable worlds. These paintings both reference and combine the hypnotic optical effects of half-tone patterns, optical art, the vortex of black holes, molecular structures, and ethereal nebulous clouds. This exploration into coexisting micro and macro space attempts to capture the wonder, mystery, and awe humans have experienced for thousands of years when confronted with the immensity and complexity of nature.

The paintings depict the dynamic energy of atomic vibration through a vortex of pattern and movement. Forms dissolve and reappear, fluctuating between deep and shallow spatial illusion. This expansion and contraction of space is created by optical illusions representing cosmic, molecular and subatomic systems. This becomes a metaphor for the dual processes of creation and mortality. I have included these particular forms in the paintings in order to connect to universal forms which reference the unseen cosmic network of quantum phenomena that bind time and space together. These primarily symmetrical compositions can be viewed as sub-symmetries of a larger unified and chaotic, dynamic universe.

Art and science have provided humans with a means of perceiving the nature of reality and the interconnectedness of everything around us. As our understanding of science grows, we continue to find that our conceptions and ideologies of the physical world are insufficient and in constant flux. I hope to reflect our ongoing search for and fascination with the tangible and intangible components which make up the thing we call the universe.


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