ecce yoga promotes physical and mental wellness through the practice of yoga, an ancient yet accessible method of bringing calm and connection to our lives, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

Vinyasa yoga, a system of linking breath with movement, cleanses and strengthens the body as well as calms the mind, creating a deeper level of concentration and greater self-awareness.

Gentle/restorative yoga allows us to relax and connect more deeply by practicing gentle sequences that renew the body and spirit and by doing supported postures that enable us to restore.

Prenatal yoga introduces movement, breath awareness, relaxation and meditation into the pregnancy and birth journey. It also helps prepare women for labor, delivery and early motherhood.


Yoga Photography by Ann Arbor Miller. 


Join us as we transition into the fall season! Courses and classes are listed below. Namaste!





A gentler class meant to relax and renew. We focus on slower sequencing, moving with intention and focus. A good class for beginners or those wanting a more relaxing practice.



Making the journey into motherhood is indeed a beautiful experience but it can also be disorienting and intimidating. For many women, pregnancy not only challenges the body but also the mind and emotions. By incorporating prenatal yoga into your life you can move through the transition with greater ease, compassion and confidence. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, the practice is hugely beneficial during pregnancy and can help you feel more connected and present. We work to open the hips and create more space in the pelvis, find greater openness in the chest and shoulders, and strengthen the legs, feet, and back. We spend time preparing for labor and delivery by working in various labor positions and learning important comfort measures. No matter what your birth plan is, it is an opportunity to be in your body, experience the fullness of pregnancy, and feel more connected to your growing baby and other mothers-to-be.

Resumes Sunday Sept 7th
No Class Sept 21 & 28!


Prior yoga experience required. Proficiency in the Level 1/2 class is required. A more vigorous vinyasa (flow) class that introduces more advanced poses and sequences at a faster pace. Begins to explore and deepen our understanding of inversions, arm balances, and finishing postures.

No class during summer months.
Resumes Sundays starting Oct 5th


A vinyasa (flow) class combining chanting, movement, breathe, and intention. We work on sun saluations, standing and balancing postures, as well as introducing gentle inversions. Prior yoga experience recommended but not required.

No Class Sept 1st!

EMBRACING MOTHERHOOD: A Yoga Course for Mothers

This special 4 week course  is open to all moms who are interested in learning more about how to care for themselves through diet, self-care rituals, yoga and mindfulness. We will work to regain strength and stamina through abdominal exercises and yoga asana (postures). We will find greater focus by engaging in thoughtful discussion and meditation. We will give ourselves space to grow, learn and support one another as we navigate through the world as mindful, loving mamas! This all levels class is for anyone who has given birth recently or in the past few years. Pre-registration is required. $75 per person. Register by emailing Brenda at

Oct 18th-Nov 8th


Join us for a special summer class on the roof! Pre-registration required. Email Brenda at

Last rooftop class of the season!

RESTORE: A 5 Week Autumn Yoga Course

Summer into autumn is a challenging time for many of us. It’s important to find space for yourself to feel more grounded, to re-connect to your inner self, and to gently move and open the body. Emphasizing gentle yoga sequences and restorative postures, we will meet Saturday mornings for four weeks, allowing for a more balanced and grounded fall season. Pre-registration is required. $75 per person. Email or call (701) 893-5609 for more info or to register.

Check back for early winter dates…


Beginning this fall at ecce yoga we will be offering a Tuesday evening Nia (pronounced nee-ah) class taught by certified instructor Rita Olson. Nia is a movement and lifestyle practice. Nia offers a fun, creative opportunity for health and well-being regardless of age or physical condition. The Nia philosophy is “Through movement we find health.“  We cultivate fitness, health, and well-being. Practiced barefoot to music, each person is invited to move at his or her own level of intensity, adapting the moves to their body potential at any given moment. While delivering cardiovascular, whole-body conditioning, Nia creates a loving relationship with one’s own body.

Begins Tues Sept 9th

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