ecce yoga promotes physical and mental wellness through the practice of yoga, an ancient yet accessible method of bringing calm and connection to our lives, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

Vinyasa yoga, a system of linking breath with movement, cleanses and strengthens the body as well as calms the mind, creating a deeper level of concentration and greater self-awareness.

Gentle/restorative yoga allows us to relax and connect more deeply by practicing gentle sequences that renew the body and spirit and by doing supported postures that enable us to restore.

Prenatal yoga introduces movement, breath awareness, and meditation into your pregnancy and birth journey.


Yoga Photography by Ann Arbor Miller. Prenatal Photos by Ockhardt Photography


No Classes Easter Weekend Sat and Sun. Postpartum Workshop on Saturday May 17th! Summer class schedule begins May 17th (no weekend classes during summer months)




EMBRACING MOTHERHOOD: A Postpartum Workshop for New Moms

This special workshop is open to all moms who are interested in learning more about how to care for the postpartum self through yoga asana (postures), meditation, specific abdominal excercises (that will help to regain strength that is often lost in pregnancy) as well as learning about recommended foods and self care rituals.

This all levels class is for anyone who has given birth recently or in the past few years. We will spend time moving the body, discussing topics related to mothering and postpartum care, and will include time to connect and talk with other moms. A light snack and tea will be provided following the class.

Pre-registration is required. $30 per person. Register by emailing Brenda at

Pre-registration required.


A gentler class meant to relax and renew. We focus on slower sequencing, moving with intention and focus. A good class for beginners or those wanting a more relaxing practice.

No Class Thurs May 1st and 8th!


A class for women in all stages of pregnancy. We focus on not only strengthening the body and calming the mind, but we will also spend time learning to trust our intuition and inner truth, allowing us to move more gracefully through this amazing period. Combining chanting, breathing, meditation, movement, and time for relaxation, we will be able to connect more deeply with our babies as well as connect with other mothers-to-be. No experience or pre-registration required.

Check back for future dates.


Prior yoga experience required. Proficiency in the Level 1/2 class is required. A more vigorous vinyasa (flow) class that introduces more advanced poses and sequences at a faster pace. Begins to explore and deepen our understanding of inversions, arm balances, and finishing postures.

No Class Easter Sunday


A vinyasa (flow) class combining chanting, movement, breathe, and intention. We work on sun saluations, standing and balancing postures, as well as introducing gentle inversions. Prior yoga experience recommended but not required.


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