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Are Ria 1911 any good?

Are Ria 1911 any good?

The Rock Island 1911 is a great starter-priced 1911 around $500 that maintains the look of a standard GI model with decent parkerizing and surprisingly good trigger. But beware of some initial break-in, potential for hammer bite, and terrible GI sights.

How accurate is a Rock Island 1911?

Firing the Rock Island 1911 Good old 230-grain ball is accurate, feeds reliably and is accurate enough for most chores. The Rock comes on-target quickly. Get the sights lined up, squeeze the trigger, control recoil, line the sights up and fire again.

Can you change sights on RIA 1911?

The most common Rock Island 1911 is chambered in . 45 ACP, and has fixed front and rear sights. These sights are drifted onto the weapon frame via a dovetail groove at the front and a Novak cut at the rear. Changing Rock Island 1911 sights can be accomplished with a few gunsmithing tools.

How much is a RIA 1911?

$400 to $500
One of the most prominent examples of a budget 1911 is the Rock Island Armory (RIA) 1911. These pistols are commonly available in the $400 to $500 range, or around half the price of a Colt.

Are Rock Island 1911 +P rated?

Can Armscor guns handle +p ammo? Yes all of our guns are +p ammo ready, but please use only when necessary.

Where is Rock Island pistols made?

Marikina, Philippines
The Rock Island Armory 1911 series is a product line of single-action recoil operated semi-automatic pistols. They are designed and manufactured by Armscor in Marikina, Philippines, and distributed in the United States by Armscor USA, located in Pahrump, Nevada.

Does anyone make a 40 cal 1911?

Sig Sauer 1911 Full Size Max . 40 S&W 8+1 5″ 1911 in Stainless Steel (Fiber Optic Front/Adjustable Rear Sights) – 191140MAXM.

Is Ria 1911 cast or forged?

Our 1911 Frames are Cast 4140 Carbon Steel and our Slides are Forged 4140 Steel.

Is Ria a good gun?

A good pistol is, in fact, rarely the most expensive one. Rather than that, it’s a highly functional pistol that comes with a fair price. Rock Island 1911 is a model that fits these standards perfectly, and it’s a must-have for any gun enthusiast. If you’ve ever heard of the legendary .

Where are Ria 1911 made?

Is Armscor the same as Rock Island?

In 1985, Armscor Precision International opened its first United States office in Pahrump, Nevada. A short while later, Armscor acquired the Rock Island Armory brand, a leading M1911 manufacturer and developer.

Are Novak sights good?

I love the sights and highly recommend them. I’m looking forward to out-shooting my son and grandson! Novak’s did a nice job on the installation, and the turn around was fast. I absolutely love this rear sight combined with the Tritium Mega Dot front sight!

What are Novak style sights?

Novak rear sights are not parallel on the sides and this causes the sight pushers to push at an angle when installing them into the dovetail. That causes the metal to gall and does damage to both the sight dovetail, the slide dovetail, and also on the sides of the slide from the pusher tool.

Does Kimber make a 40 caliber?

Kimber Model Stainless Ultra Carry II . 40 S&W.

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