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Are Survival hunters good in Shadowlands?

Are Survival hunters good in Shadowlands?

For the first time since being reworked into a melee class in World of Warcraft Patch 7.0, all the way back in 2016, Survival Hunter is a competitively viable, borderline top-tier class during Patch 9.2, the final patch of the Shadowlands expansion.

How do you play Shadowlands survival hunter?

How to Play Survival Hunter in Shadowlands

  1. Serpent Sting to maintain the damage over time effect on your primary target.
  2. Coordinated Assault on cooldown.
  3. Kill Shot on cooldown.
  4. Wildfire Bomb on cooldown.
  5. Carve if you will hit at least three targets.
  6. Kill Command if you will not exceed your maximum Focus.

What is a survival hunter WoW?

Survival Hunter is a spec that is heavily about Focus management, and knowing your priorities. The core of the gameplay is generating Focus with Kill Command and spending it with Raptor Strike, while maintaining your Serpent Sting DoT, and keeping your Wildfire Bomb on cooldown while reacting appropriately to the.

Is survival hunter good for PvE?

You’ll never get into groups in PvE due to being melee, but it’s the best Hunter spec in PvP. If your not into high tier raiding or M+ dungeons then its fine. However, you will be shunned by many hunters and picked last over other melee specs. It only grace is PvP, which is why most Hunters play it seems.

Is survival hunter good in wow?

It’s good in 3v3. As others have indicated – it requires an incredibly high skillcap to play, especially compared to other hunter specs. It’s fun, I dabble but mm has bigger burst, and bm is more viable. If your pet dies you can’t use your most crucial abilities.

What weapon should a survival hunter use?

Survival Hunter Best in Slot Gear

Weapons Max. DPS Popularity
Halberd of the Aranakk 38.8K 23%
Xav’s Pike of Authority 46.6K 21%
Elysia’s Promise 44.8K 11%
Quarterstaff of Discordant Ethic 37.5K 5%
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