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How big is a jayco Expanda?

How big is a jayco Expanda?

Expanda outback | Floor Plan: 17.56-2. OB. EX-MY22

Body length (mm) 5619
Interior height (mm) 2115
Open Length (mm) 7977
Front bed width (mm) 1360
Rear bed width (mm) 1330

How much does a jayco Expanda weight?


Can you take a jayco Expanda off road?

The Jayco Expanda Outback model is an upgraded version of the touring model and is built for unsealed roads and off-grid camping.

What is a jayco Expanda?

Expand your holiday Easy to set up, the Jayco’s Expanda Pop Top is designed to sleep between 4 and 8 people. It’s the ideal range for young families to relax together under one roof and for those looking to upgrade from a camper trailer or purchase their first family Pop Top.

What size beds are in a Jayco Expanda?

The power system comprises 240V powerpoints and 12V incandescent lighting. They might look the same size, but the beds have slightly different widths – both mattresses are 6ft 2in (1.9m) in length, but the front one at 4ft 11in (1.5m) is a couple of inches wider than the rear bed.

How big is a jayco Expanda Outback?

The Expanda comes in a variety of Pop Top or Caravan configurations varying by size and floor plan. The Pop Tops come in 14ft, 16ft, and 17ft options with bedding options including a solitary double bed all the way up to two double beds plus a bunk.

What is tare weight on a caravan?

Tare Mass is the total mass of the caravan with no load, unoccupied and with all fluid reservoirs, if fitted, filled to nominal capacity, and with all standard equipment and any options fitted.

What is the biggest Jayco pop top?

Overview: With the largest interior of the Jayco camper trailer range, the Swan, in Outback (semi-off-road) or Touring (on-road) modes is a really great family camper trailer.

Is the Jayco CrossTrak any good?

Jayco says it’s had a good response to the CrossTrak since its launch in February, with around 50 orders taken at the time of writing. It certainly ticks a few boxes for this type of camper: relatively easy to tow and set up, a good mix of inside and outdoor living, and suitably equipped for a few days off-the-grid.

Do Jayco caravans have queen size beds?

Jayco has also introduced two new versions of its All-Terrain caravan range: an entry-level 13ft pop-top couple’s layout with combination shower/toilet for $55,990, and a 15ft full height caravan with transverse queen bed, kitchen, dinette and rear ensuite, priced at $62,490.

What size are jayco beds?

The majority of Jayco’s feature standard-size trailer mattresses. Most travel trailers, such as the Jay Feather, Jay Flight, and White Hawk, offer the RV queen short mattress (60″ x 74″), while some of the models, such as the Eagle Fifth Wheel, are available with a king mattress (80″ X 74″).

How much is a new Jayco Swan Outback?

We take the Jayco Swan Outback (from $30,490), the biggest camper in the Outback range, on a trip into the bush to answer these questions and plenty more.

How do I find out the weight of my caravan?

What is the weight of my caravan? The weight of the caravan is usually listed on a plate near the door frame and in the owner’s handbook, but the manufacturer should also be able to tell you.

How much does a Jayco caravan weight?

How big is this camper-trailer? How much does it weigh?

Length 5365mm
Width 2240mm
Height 1660mm
Weight (Tare/ATM/Tow Ball) 1134kg / 1434kg / 95kg

Are Jayco pop tops any good?

So happy we chose this model Jayco. We have been on dirt roads, and have had no dust leaks, and in rain with no leaks. The pop top works very well, and the van came fully decked out with all equipment. Great value for money spent, compared to other brands. Purchased in December 2021 .

How much does a jayco CrossTrak cost?

Pricing is keen and starts at $35,990. Jayco CrossTrak features Jayco’s Endurance 2.0 steel chassis that’s hot-dip galvanised for corrosion protection. The chassis mounts J-Tech 2.0 trailing-arm independent suspension.

Is jayco CrossTrak made in Australia?

Manufactured in Jayco’s Melbourne factory, the CrossTrak is an affordable Aussie-made hybrid that competes on price with imported Chinese vans and represents excellent value at less than half the price of other vans listed here.

What are Jayco caravan walls made of?

The sandwich construction walls and roof consist of an aluminium frame and high-density polystyrene insulation that is layered over with plywood inner and outer sections and an outer fibreglass skin all vacuum bonded together.

What do the Jayco numbers mean?

Re: Jayco CODE…..can it be deciphered A 17.58. 1 for example is 17.58 feet with the number 1 layout, it has children’s bunks across the rear, no shower and toilet. John. Banjo has it nailed, your 17.58. 3 means it is a 17ft van or 5.8metres and no 3’layout.

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