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How do I connect my Jabra PRO 920 headset to my computer?

How do I connect my Jabra PRO 920 headset to my computer?

No, the Jabra Pro 920 does not support connection to a computer. The 14201-30 cable is used only to connect the headset to a desk phone.

Is Jabra PRO 920 compatibility?

Jabra PRO 920 is compatible with all leading desk phone systems. User-friendly voice prompts make set-up a breeze, and the simple and intuitive call-control buttons make it easy to manage calls while away from your desk….We Also Recommend :

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How do you answer a call on a Jabra PRO 920?

The multi-function button can answer calls and end calls using a combination of taps, double-taps or presses. The speaker volume buttons adjust the headset speaker volume. The mute button mutes or un-mutes the headset microphone.

How do I connect my Jabra GN to my laptop?

Use the following steps to connect your Jabra device with your computer.

  1. Plug the Jabra Link into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Turn on your Jabra headset.
  3. Go to the sound settings for your computer, and select the Jabra Link as the output and input device.
  4. Your headset is now ready to use.

How do I connect my Jabra to my laptop?

Step 1: Press and hold the button on both the left and right earbud for about three seconds, to bring the device in pairing mode. Step 2: On your Windows 10 laptop, open the Settings menu (Win Key + I ), and head over to Device > Bluetooth & other devices, and click on the Tap button.

Does Jabra work with Samsung?

For Android smartphones and tablets, Jabra Sound+ is compatible with Android version 7 or later.

Is Jabra compatible with iPhone?

Jabra headphones work with iPhone and Android smartphones.

How do I connect my Jabra PRO headset to my phone?


  1. Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your mobile device.
  2. Connect your Jabra Pro base to a power supply.
  3. Wear the headset.
  4. To enter pairing mode, tap the Mobile device icon on the base.
  5. To pair, go to the Bluetooth menu on your mobile device and select the Jabra Pro 925/935 from the list of available devices.

How do I setup my Jabra 920?

Step 1: Simultaneously press and hold both handset volume buttons until the voice prompt says “Setup” and then release the button. Step 2: Now you need to use the headset buttons to cycle through the settings and values you desire.

How do I connect my Jabra PRO to my computer?

Does the Jabra GN have a microphone?

Connect wirelessly to a mobile device via Bluetooth. It is portable. Omni-directional microphone.

Can Jabra Bluetooth work with laptop?

The Jabra Elite 75t is not only meant to be paired with your Android phone or iPhone only. These truly wireless buds pair go incredibly well with laptops, smartwatches, and even with the MacBook.

How do I connect my Jabra headphones to my Samsung?

Android. Go to Settings and turn on Bluetooth. In Bluetooth click “Pair new device”. When you see your Jabra headphones or headset come up in the list, tap it and it should be paired with your phone.

Are Jabra a good brand?

Verdict. The Jabra Elite 85t are some of the best true wireless earbuds you can buy. They combine great sound, good noise cancelling, long battery life and a comfortable fit with an excellent, pocketable case and the ability to connect to two devices at the same time.

How do I connect my Jabra GN to my iPhone?

To enter pairing mode, press and hold (5 seconds) the Multi-function button until the LED flashes blue. To pair, go to the Bluetooth menu on your mobile device and select the Jabra product from the list. Alternatively, wear the earbuds to hear the voice guided instructions.

What does the blue light on Jabra mean?

​The battery indicator flashes blue when the unit enters sleep mode. This may happen after 8 hours of inactivity, for example if the USB host device is turned off, or if the USB cord is unplugged from the USB host device.

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