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How do I upscale my IKEA kitchen?

How do I upscale my IKEA kitchen?

IKEA Kitchen Hacks: 12 ways to make your affordable kitchen look…

  1. Build out the island. Image credit: Instagram @joannagaines.
  2. Polish with paint. Image credit: hellznails.
  3. Upgrade your cabinets. Image credit: 30s magazine.
  4. Splurge in small amounts.
  5. Crown-moulding.
  6. Replace the worktop.
  7. Change the hardware.
  8. Split tone.

Can you repaint IKEA kitchen?

Can you paint Ikea Cabinets? Yes! The answer is yes and they even turn out well! When we did our huge kitchen remodel, we needed to add 3 cabinets and a pantry.

What do you do with that awkward space above your kitchen cabinets?

11 Smart Ways to Use the Space Above Your Cabinets

  1. Display serving pieces.
  2. Use canisters to conceal clutter.
  3. Or bust out the baskets.
  4. Show off a collection.
  5. Display cookbooks.
  6. Store your wine.
  7. Grow something.
  8. Add another shelf.

Can you Customise IKEA kitchen?

It’s very doable, inexpensive and a brilliant way to create a unique look on a low budget. We’ve put together our favourite ways to customise an Ikea kitchen so you can inject a bit of individuality into your home. Want more kitchen design advice? Go and check out our ultimate guide to kitchen design.

How do I modify my IKEA kitchen?

Ikea kitchen hacks to easily transform your home

  1. Turn bookshelves into an island.
  2. Add new legs to tired tables.
  3. Use towel racks to store wine.
  4. Use Ikea’s hanging storage buckets to create a herb garden.
  5. Add a lick of paint and a new top to Ikea trolleys.
  6. Turn kitchen cabinets into a storage bench.

Can you modify IKEA cabinets?

Although there are many different sized cabinets these days, sometimes you need a size which just isn’t available. Being able to modify a cabinet gives you more options. Bear in mind though that it’s often not just the cabinet you’ll need to modify, but the doors also.

How do you update IKEA kitchen cabinets?

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade an Ikea Kitchen

  1. Swap out (and switch up) your hardware.
  2. Install floating shelves.
  3. Add a soffit.
  4. Source appliances and fixtures you love.
  5. Get playful with paint.

What is the empty space above kitchen cabinets called?

A soffit or bulkhead is any solid structure that covers up unsightly areas or items such as vents and pipes. Cabinet soffits can be constructed of drywall, metal, wood, or any other structurally sound material.

How do I make my IKEA kitchen look bespoke?

Five Simple Ways to Make IKEA Cabinets Look Expensive

  1. Add Legs to your Island.
  2. Incorporate custom moldings.
  3. Get Creative With Cover Panels.
  4. Upgrade to Custom Doors.
  5. Don’t Forget Overlay Fillers.
  6. More Posts Like This One.

How can I make my IKEA cabinets look better?

Can you paint laminate IKEA cabinets?

You’ll need three types to paint IKEA furniture: a primer, topcoat and sealer. The primer needs to be specifically for laminate surfaces, like this one from Zinsser. Applying a coat of primer to your laminate particleboard surface will allow whatever paint you choose to stick to the surface and not quickly peel off.

How do you disguise a corner?

Corner shelving or furnishings are ideal for concealing a corner. A tall, angled shelving system with an attached back that neatly tucks into the corner could hide most of the wall’s crook. Use brackets to anchor bookshelves to wall studs to keep them from toppling over in the event of an earthquake.

Can IKEA cabinets be refaced?

Fortunately, you can update IKEA cabinets without spending a fortune on replacing them. You can do this by merely refacing your IKEA cabinets. You’ll not only get new cabinet doors but a new look and feel to your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom.

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