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How do you cheer up Dolphins deponia?

How do you cheer up Dolphins deponia?

Trace Donna

  1. straight to the Rebel Camp – the dolphins are depressed and Rufus needs to cheer them up somehow – you can talk to Toni about this.
  2. go to the Back and use the Straight Banana from your inventory on the Drain – no idea why the banana needs to be straight for that.
  3. now go Forward and click on the Lock.

How do you escape the school in outlast 2?

In the back corner of this classroom there’s a battery, which Blake can easily obtain by crawling right in front of the TV unit and collecting the battery underneath it. Exit this classroom through the door you entered and turn left, heading further down the corridor until the next classroom door on your left.

How do you beat outlast 2?

Outlast 2 Tips

  1. Limit the use of your night vision and sound tracking.
  2. When in doubt, hide.
  3. Watch out for sleeping cultists.
  4. Scavenge for batteries and bandages as often as possible.
  5. Play with your camera up all the time.

How many levels are in outlast 2?

Outlast 2 has six chapters, each named for a particular book in the bible. This starts with Genesis, and continues with Job, Lamentations, Judges, Leviticus and finally with Revelations.

What is the monster in Outlast 2?

Loutermilch, as the demon, is nude and coated from head to toe in blood.

How many endings does Outlast 2 have?

The game has two parallel endings, which are interwoven together. Throughout the game, flashbacks of Jessica are shown, including one where it is implied that she took her own life.

Are there Jumpscares in Outlast 2?

They show many naked people, exposing many different parts. Very scary with jumpscares, creepy topics, people chasing you, and you are in the dark almost the whole game. There is way to much blood, there is a ton of torture and crucifixion, just don’t let any young kids play this. But overall it is fun and scary!

Why is everyone deformed in Outlast?

Variants are the results of the exposure of patients from the Mount Massive Asylum to the Morphogenic Engine created by former Nazi scientist Dr. Rudolf Wernicke. The after-effects of the therapy altered their mind and provoked physical deformities.

Who is the scariest character in Outlast?

Outlast produced some of the horror genre’s most terrifying characters of the 2010s, and this article has been expanded to include a few more of them.

  1. 1 Eddie Gluskin.
  2. 2 The Twins.
  3. 3 Father Loutermilch.
  4. 4 Marta.
  5. 5 Sullivan Knoth.
  6. 6 Richard Trager.
  7. 7 Frank Manera.
  8. 8 Chris Walker.

Is the baby real in Outlast 2?

It’s her last words that cause confusion for many fans, before dying she utters the phrase “There’s nothing there”. This implies that in fact there is no baby. That seeing it, and the pregnancy itself, may be a side effect from the microwave signal which causes so much chaos in the minds of those it touches.

What age rating is Outlast?

Due to the game’s depictions of violence, sexual scenes and coarse language, it is recommended for players aged 18 and above.

Are there females in Outlast?

The lack of female variants explained. I see a lot of people complain that the game lacks female characters/enemies, despite it even taking place in the Women’s Ward at one point.

What is the scariest Outlast?

Outlast 2 is the next generation of outlast 1 that got a very big criticism from players and rated as the best horror game of all time. The game was published in April 2017.

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