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How do you feed the dog in Persona 4?

How do you feed the dog in Persona 4?

Talk to the dog and select “Talk to it gently” for the first two days. The third day, purchase a Steak Skewer from the Souzai Daigaku, which is located in the North part of the Central Shopping District. Take it to the dog and feed him to complete the quest.

What is the dogs name p4g?

Find My Pet is the 54th Quest in Persona 4 Golden. It first becomes available on November 1st. This quest is requested by the Frantic Middle-aged Woman in Okina City. She will ask you to find her dog, Mika-chan.

How do you get the eternal lamp in Persona 4?

The Eternal Lamp can be found from Shadows at Void Quest. The Shadow is called “Amenti Raven,” and can be found on floors three and four.

What is the last day of p4g?

January 23rd
January 23rd (1/23)

How do you rank up hermit in Persona 4?

Ranking up the Hermit social link to 4 requires you to clear Quest 9: We Wish Our Dog Would Return.

  1. Get the Ema from Fox.
  2. The next day, find the dog in the Northern Shopping District.
  3. The next day again, find the dog back at the Riverbank.

How do you fuse matador with Mahama?

Justic Power (Mahama) & Moon Andras & Hierophant Omoikane As long as you use any of the three above combinations of Personas in a fusion, you should be able to get the Matador with the Mahama skill that you’re after.

Are quests worth doing Persona 4?

Side quests are great to complete in Persona 4, as generally speaking they don’t use up your valuable limited in-game days – they’re free ways to make some gains in some way or another.

Where can I buy a selfish basalt?

Selfish Basalt appears in Baths 7 and 8 of the Steamy Bathhouse within the Midnight Channel. While it is one of the few Basalts not resistant to Physical attacks, it resists Almighty (including an All-Out Attack).

Does Teddie have a persona?

His Persona is Kintoki-Douji of the Star Arcana.

What does the fox do in p4g?

For every s-link level up with Fox, you can recover SP more cheaply in dungeons. Specifically, the amount of Yen needed to recover 1 SP drops by 5 every rank; so at rank 1 you must pay 60 Yen for every SP recovered. By Rank 10, you only pay 15 Yen for every SP Fox heals for you when inside the TV.

How do you get the red goldfish in Persona 4?

Getting the Red Goldfish in Persona 4 Golden Bread crumbs are used for fishing and they can help attract the Red Goldfish specifically at the Samegawa Riverbank.

Can Matador learn Magaru?

Once you’ve got both of these, all you need to do is fuse the two together and select Magaru as the inherited skill for the Matador. Caroline and Justine will be overjoyed you managed to fulfill their requirement and you’ll be given the Lockdown ability.

What does Margaret social link do?

Completing the Empress Social Link enables the following: The ability to create Isis via fusion. The party can battle against Margaret in New Game Plus. The protagonist can receive Deep Blue Clothes costumes for the party (in Golden only).

How many Persona can joker have?

As you continue progressing through the story, you’ll eventually be able to carry a maximum of 16 Personas, which is 10 more than what you originally started out with. This should give you a bit more space to work with, and you’ll be able to recruit more Shadows without being afraid of running out of space.

Where can I find coal p4g?

the Bathhouse
Coal can be found in the Bathhouse from a Shadow. The Shadow’s name is Selfish Basalt, and can be found between floors 6 and 8. The reward for completing this quest is 15000 Yen.

How do you acquire coal?

Coal can be extracted from the earth either by surface mining or underground mining. Once coal has been extracted, it can be used directly (for heating and industrial processes) or to fuel power plants for electricity. If coal is less than 61 meters (200 feet) underground, it can be extracted through surface mining.

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