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How is the smartphone market segmented?

How is the smartphone market segmented?

The market is segmented by operating system and geography. The Smartphones Market is segmented by Operating System (Android, iOS) and Geography. Report scope can be customized per your requirements.

What is the smartphone market size in India?

India’s smartphone market revenue crossed $38 billion in 2021 with 27% YoY growth. Xiaomi led the market with a 24% shipment share. The brand also reached its highest ever share in the premium segment (>INR 30,000, ~$400) with 258% YoY growth.

Who is the No 1 mobile brand in India?

Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in India in 2022

S. No. Mobile Company / Brand Market Share in India
1. Xiaomi 26.46%
2. Samsung 17.35%
3. Vivo 15.09%
4. Realme 12.29%

What type of market is the smartphone market?

Smartphone industry falls under the Oligopoly market structure.

Which mobile sales are more in India?

Market Summary:

  • Xiaomi maintained the top position in India’s smartphone market in 2021 with 2% YoY growth.
  • Samsung remained at the second position in 2021 with an 8% YoY decline in shipments.

What market structure are phones?

Perfect real-life examples are mobile operating systems, as iOS and Android partake in over 99% of the market, making it one of the most accurate examples of oligopoly situations on the level of the EU, as well as the global level.

What is the size of the smartphone market?

The smartphone industry has been steadily developing and growing since 2008, both in market size and in number of models and vendors. Smartphone shipments worldwide are projected to add up to around 1.43 billion units in 2022. By the end of 2020, 78.05 percent of the world’s population were smartphone users.

Which phone sold most in India?

Best Mobile Phones (Jul 2022)

  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • Vivo X80 Pro Plus 5G.
  • Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G.
  • OnePlus 10 Pro.
  • iQOO 9 Pro 5G.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.
  • Vivo X80 5G.

Who sold more phones in 2021?

The most sold smartphones of 2021 Topping the list of most sold smartphones in 2021 is the Apple iPhone 12, which has a healthy lead over the next most popular device — the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Which phone brand is most used?

Most Popular Mobile Phone Brand 2021 With 27.55% of the total, Samsung is the world’s number one selling phone brand. In second place, again in September 2021, is Apple, with 26.75% of total sales. In third place, 15 points behind, is Xiaomi with 11.51%. In the top 15 worldwide, Nokia closes the ranking with 0.58%.

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