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How much does Cezanne cost?

How much does Cezanne cost?

The Cezanne Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment can cost upwards of $350, but it depends on the salon. First, the stylist will wash your hair with Cezanne Clarifying Shampoo and dry it. Then he or she will carefully apply the straightening product to all of your hair.

Is Cezanne better than keratin?

Unlike traditional keratin services, the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment doesn’t weaken your hair follicle over time. With nourishing ingredients including vitamins, botanicals and sericin (a natural component of silk), your hair looks better with each treatment.

How long does Cezanne keratin treatment last?

Three to five months
Q: How long do the results last? A: Three to five months for most guests; it can last up to six months for those who wash their hair less frequently.

How long does Cezanne instant treatment last?

6 weeks
This frizz eliminator has shorter process and service times than the Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment, but it de-frizzes your hair for up to 6 weeks.

Is Cezanne good for hair?

We recommend the Cezanne treatment at Scott J. for its low maintenance, frizz-reducing benefits. It’s safe for your hair and can be done on just about anyone (especially our curly- haired guests).

Is Cezanne good for fine hair?

The Cezanne is the least intense out of all three I’m going to talk about here. It’s perfect for the client that has fine hair and just wants to soften up frizz and nurture damaged strands.

Does Cezanne smell bad?

Unlike Carbocysteine systems you may be familiar with, Cezanne doesn’t have the unpleasant smell. Cezanne contains Glycolic Acid, which is a well-known exfoliant and moisturizer for the skin.

Does Cezanne ruin hair color?

No, this will not affect the condition of the hair or the treatment. It may, however, cause unnecessary color lifting if too much product is left in the hair.

Does Cezanne change hair color?

When it comes to colouring your hair, we recommend colouring your hair after getting the Cezanne Keratin Treatments, as the treatment can actually make your hair fade. It is safe to do your colour straight after your appointment, however if we need to lighten your hair with bleach, we do recommend this be done first.

Should I color my hair before or after Cezanne?

Color can be done before or after the treatment. If color is done after the treatment, you eliminate issues of lifting color. However, if there is excess residue in the hair after the flat iron, you should wash the hair again before you apply the color.

How do I prepare for Cezanne treatment?

First you will get two detoxifying shampoos to prep your hair. Then, your hair will be rough-dried. Once completely dry, the Cezanne solution is applied and it processes for 30 minutes. It is then rinsed and blown straight.

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