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How to Cheat in Dungeon Siege 2?

How to Cheat in Dungeon Siege 2?

Press [Enter] during game play and type [ + ] followed by one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function….Cheat codes.

Effect Effect
opnauticus Glittering Silver Ring of Knowledge (+24 intelligence, +5% Gold Dropped)
quwhba Instant kill
drlife Invincibility
extracreamy Less chunky

Can you respec in Dungeon Siege 2?

Can i do that somewhere ingame? In the start of the broken world campaign you can reset your skill points but you have to complete the Dungeon siege 2 campaign first. If you just have dungeon siege 2 and don’t have broken world then no you can’t.

How do you activate cheats in Far Cry 2?

Start the game with the “-DEVMODE” command line parameter then while playing press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding function….Cheat Codes.

Code Effect
Load current position F10
Toggle extra information F11
Advance to next checkpoint F2
Warp to Spawn point F3

Is there a crossbow in Far Cry 3?

The Crossbow is an exclusive weapon available from the Fortunes Pack DLC.

Who voiced Postal Dude?

Rick Hunter
Rick Hunter is the voice actor for the Postal Dude in POSTAL and POSTAL 2.

How do you drop the donut in POSTAL 2?

Go to the options menu and look for the “drop item” option. I think it’s “X” by default, but I’m not really sure. Then when you know which button drops items, just select the donuts in-game and press it. Nice thanks!

How many diamonds are in Leboa Sako?

In total, there are 380 diamonds in North and 620 diamonds in South.

How do I unlock my auto cross?

The Auto Crossbow, also known as the Auto-Cross, is a special weapon in Far Cry 4. The weapon is unlocked after completing City of Pain (Mission), after which it can be purchased for ₭140,000 (₭105,000 with certain perks) or Longinus gives it for free after liberating all 17 Bell Towers.

How old is the Postal Dude?

The Postal Dude’s age has never been revealed, though the POSTAL concepts from 1996 mentions that he is 27 years old. A Postal Nation interview also confirms him being in his late thirties to early forties. He is confirmed to be in his early fifties by POSTAL 4.

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