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Is Pokagon State Park free?

Is Pokagon State Park free?

The entrance fee into Pokagon State Park is $7 per Indiana car and $9 per out-of-state car. For more information about things to in Steuben County, Indiana check out our Attractions and Calendar of Events. Call (260) 833-2012 for more information.

Can you kayak at Pokagon State Park?

The Potawatomi Inn rents kayaks and paddle boats. You can get information about these rentals by contacting the Potawatomi Inn at 260-833-1077. The Trine State Recreation Area on the other side of I69 also has boat rentals. These are 1 and 2 person kayaks and paddle boats.

What is the best trail at Clifty Falls?

According to users from, the best place to hike in Clifty Falls State Park is Tunnel Falls to Lily Memorial which has a 4.5 star rating from 212 reviews.

Does Pokagon State Park have showers?

We camped at Pokagon State Park in a Cabin….Top Question about Pokagon State Park.

Campground Details
Clean Showers
Space Between Lots Very Close
Sun & Foliage Some Shade

Can you swim Pokagon State Park?

Swimming at Pokagon State Park features 2 swimming beaches on Lake James that are included with your entry fee. Swimming areas are roped off. One beach also has a beach house, concession stand and playground. The beach house and beaches are open from the Saturday before Memorial Day to no later than Labor Day.

How long is the toboggan run at Pokagon State Park?

Pokagon State Park’s refrigerated Toboggan Run near Angola, Indiana, has about 90,000 riders every season. With the 30-foot tower and dips and valleys, the total vertical drop is 90 feet over the course of a quarter mile. The top recorded speed is 42 mph. It’s a 20 to 30 second thrill ride.

Are there bears in Clifty Falls State Park?

The most recent reported sighting indicated the bear was in Jefferson County in an area west of Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge and Clifty Falls State Park, according to a release from DNR.

How much does it cost to get into Clifty Falls State Park?

If you walk or bicycle into the park it is $2.00 per person. If you are camping you still must show your Indiana parks annual pass or pay the gate fee. If you are checking in to the inn you still must pay the gate fee or show attendant your annual pass.

Does Pokagon State Park have full hookup?

If you plan to camp during early spring and/or late fall, please contact the property office to check on the availability of water, modern restrooms, and full hook-up camping. FULL AMENITIES ARE AVAILABLE MAY – OCTOBER EACH YEAR.

Are dogs allowed in Pokagon State Park?

The Pokagon State Park is not an off-leash kind of park, so be sure that your dog is properly leashed when you are out and about exploring at the park. Dogs are welcome to hike on trails with you and even camp with you at one of the many campsites.

How much does it cost to toboggan at Pokagon State Park?

$20 per toboggan per hour
$20 per toboggan per hour (including tax). Toboggan Run gift certificates.

Is there a weight limit for tobogganing?

​Is there a weight limit for tobogganing? ​There is no weight limit for tobogganing. Please note toboggans do not feature a back rest so comfort may be a factor on the uphill cable.

What is Clifty Falls known for?

Clifty Falls State Park in southern Indiana is situated along the Ohio River and is known for its immaculate views, sprawling hiking trails, and stunning waterfalls. Visitors can hike 10 different trails, most of which are rugged and require steep climbs in order to ascend the bluffs.

How much does it cost to get into Clifty Falls?

How much does it cost to camp at Pokagon State Park?

Standard Rates

Sun – Wed Holiday Weekends
Full Hookup $30 $44
Electric $23 $33
Non-Electric $16 $22
Primitive $12 $12

Does Potato Creek allow dogs?

Dogs are welcome in the camping area of the park. While dogs are allowed, it is unknown as to whether dogs are required to be leashed during their time in the park. Dogs are allowed on the hiking trails and in and around the lake.

Are dogs allowed on trails in Indiana state parks?

The 6-foot leash rule applies to the entire property and to all pets. The only time your pet may be off the leash is inside your camper, tent or vehicle. This includes pets traveling with mountain bikers and horse riders.

How long is the Pokagon toboggan run?

What is a Tobogganist?

Noun. tobogganist (plural tobogganists) Someone who rides a toboggan.

Where is the longest toboggan run?

The Jungfrau Region is home to the worlds’s longest toboggan run, the “Big Pintenfritz”. Celebrate reaching the finishing line with a tasty fondue. 15 km long, the “Big Pintenfritz” is the world’s longest toboggan runs – a previous host at the Faulhorn giving it its name.

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