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What do the Breen look like under their helmets?

What do the Breen look like under their helmets?

According to Worf, nobody ever saw what’s beneath a Breen helmet and lived to tell about it so that is a clear indication that both Dukat and Kira, either they found spare suits or the suits they stole from the Breen soldiers, they had other masks underneath those helmets so the Breen soldiers were covered and both …

Do we ever see a Breen?

On Deep Space Nine, they played a significant role in the final story arc of the series in 1999, during which much information about them was revealed. The Breen’s true appearance remains unknown to viewers, as they have never been seen without their helmets.

Was Breen in Star Wars?

The Breen race wear costumes that resemble the Ubese armor worn by Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. And in fact, in the series finale, “What You Leave Behind”, Commander Kira emulates Leia by using the Breen armor as a disguise.

Where is the Breen Homeworld?

Overview. The planet was the seventh in the Beta Epsilon-Venturi binary star system which was located near the border of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Thus, it was situated in a region of space between the planet Ferenginar and bordered the Romulan Star Empire.

What do Tholians look like?

Physiology. The appearance of the Tholians is much more different in the TNG comic: “War and Madness” where they appear to be crystalline beings but with a humanoid shaped body, as opposed to their canonical appearance in ENT where they are shown to be a quadrupedal race.

Can the Borg assimilate a changeling?

‘Changelings can imitate cells’ + ‘Changelings can be forced into forms’ + ‘the Cardassians can build such devices’ + ‘the Federation can create viruses that do the same thing’ + ‘the Borg are more advanced than the Cardassians or Federation’ + ‘the Borg can assimilate cells’ = ‘with enough exposure to the Borg, a …

Could the Borg assimilate the founders?

The Borg can’t assimilate a Founder any more than you can punch fire.

Are the Gorn members of the federation?

This conflict was resolved peacefully and led to the Gorn being a close ally of the Federation. It is said to be one of the few alliances in the SFU that is apparently based on mutual trust, respect, and desire for friendship as opposed to political convenience (see also Star Fleet Universe).

What happened to the Denobulans?

According to the reference book Star Trek: Federation – The First 150 Years, Denobula was attacked by a Romulan fleet during the Earth-Romulan War, causing the deaths of 3 million Denobulans.

Why did Q introduce the Borg?

Q was possibly testing Picard in the episode Q Who, in which in he introduces the Borg. After Picard begs Q for the lives of his crew Q talks about how most people would be unwilling to swallow their pride to ask for help and would instead let people die.

Can the Borg assimilate the Ferengi?

Aside from a passing interest in their auditory capabilities, it’s doubtful the Borg would assimilate the Ferengi.

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