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What does Keiryu mean?

What does Keiryu mean?

Simple Fly Fishing Keiryu means “mountain stream” in Japanese. Keiryu rods have been used by generations of Japanese anglers, in streams and rivers, as the simplest and most effective way to catch trout & other fish as a matter of basic survival.

What is Tanago fishing?

Tanago fishing is NOT fly fishing for trout with 7 or 8′ telescopic rods on small streams. It is fishing for tanago (a type of fish). In Japan it is done with bait and with rods that could be as short as 20 or 30″ although most are a bit longer.

How do you cast a Keiryu Rod?

Start drawing circle with rod above your head. At halfway point (rod behind your head), pause slightly, then thrust out using your left hand to push the rod forward. As you finish the cast, the momentum will thrust your body forward slightly, with your upper body bending slightly down and forward.

What is Micro fishing?

Originating in Japan, microfishing is the pursuit of small and overlooked fish species like minnows, dace, darters, and sculpins. For microfishers, not only is the (small) size of the fish important, but so is the variety or number of species that have been caught.

What is ultra light fishing?

What is ultra light fishing? Ultralight fishing is defined as fishing with extremely lightweight tackle, using lures between 1/32 and 1/4 oz, and lines between 1 and 6 lb test. This requires using the lightest spinning rods and reels, designed to perform well with these ultra lightweight lures and lines.

What size hooks for micro fishing?

The hook is small enough that the fish doesn’t notice it until it is too late. The hook is large enough to hook and hold pretty well. Of course, a size 20 hook will also work well for many micros, and for many midges.

Can I catch big fish on ultralight rod?

Ultralight is not meant for heavy game because it does not have strength to push/pull big fish out from heavy cover area. You will break your line and worst case break your rod if the setup is not properly balance or handle.

How far can an ultralight rod cast?

the longest ultra light rod you can find seven foot would work fine. any decent spinning reel.

Should I get a light or ultralight rod?

While light rods can work well for trout fishing, ultralight rods can give you a better experience. Even though they occasionally cost a bit more, ultralight rods improve casting with lighter lures, increase sensitivity when a fish bites, and make reeling in trout more challenging and fun.

Is it easier to cast with lighter line?

Lighter fishing lines are generally easier to cast than heavier lines. For beginners, the type of reel used also has a direct influence on the ease of casting. Light lines work well on spinning, bait casters, and spin casting reels.

Do pike live in canals?

Pike are common in our waters. All canals, reservoirs and rivers will contain some pike.

How do you attract big fish?

So, when you’re going after bigger fish, try using bigger lures. 9. Practice catch and release – To get bigger fish, anglers need to practice catch and release. That means when you catch a fish, quickly release it back into the water where it can grow bigger.

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