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What is a gatefold record sleeves?

What is a gatefold record sleeves?

A gatefold cover or gatefold LP is a form of packaging for LP records which became popular in the mid-1960s. A gatefold cover, when folded, is the same size as a standard LP cover (i.e. a 12½ inch, or 32.7 centimetre, square).

Do PVC outer sleeves damage vinyl?

These hard PVC sleeves represent a hazard to rare vinyl. It is ironic that something designed to protect collectors’ items seems implicated in damaging them. I now keep my LPs without an outer sleeve unless the cover is very fragile, in which case I use a 400gm polythene outer.

What are vinyl sleeves used for?

The inner sleeve is there to protect the custom vinyl record from dust and the possible damage dust may bring to the vinyl. In some way, it also protects the vinyl album jacket. It prevents the vinyl record from freely rolling inside the jacket which may cause rips on the seam of the jacket.

What are vinyl sleeves called?

Record sleeve
A record sleeve (not to be confused with a record jacket/cover) is the outer covering of a vinyl record. Alternative terms are dust sleeve and album liner.

Is gatefold better?

#1 The number of records you want to press Vinyl records have a minimum time of playback so having a 40-minute long album pressed on a 10” vinyl would be best separated into two vinyl records. If you’re planning to have this double record album, then a vinyl gatefold jacket would be the best choice.

What is a double gatefold vinyl?

A gatefold jacket opens like a birthday card (or a wallet), and has four printed pages in total (two outside and two inside). The final package is essentially two jackets connected by a spine and as such they can hold 1 record and a printed insert, booklet or poster, or 2 records for a double record album.

What is a PVC sleeve?

PVC sleeving is a reinforced thermoplastic material. While no single tubing product can be universally applied to every situation, the versatility of PVC sleeving covers the widest spectrum of applications compared to other products of its type. Good PVC sleeving is kink resistant.

Are vinyl sleeves good?

With more than 5,000 reviews and a near-perfect rating of 4.8 stars, these Invest In Vinyl outer sleeves are definitely the fan-favorite option. They use thick, 3 mil polyethylene to protect single LP, double LP, and gatefold vinyl jackets — all with a snug fit that results in no excess plastic at the top.

Are plastic sleeves good for vinyl?

Inner sleeves protect the vinyl album itself. These can be made from paper, plastic, or even polyethylene fabric. No matter the material or the size, they should be thick enough for protection against dust and scratches, but thin enough to prevent snagging when slid into the jacket.

How do I know if my sleeves are PVC free?

Often times the manufacturer will state this on the packaging. But the simplest way is to look at the “recycling symbol” on the packaging. This will give you the best indicator of the sleeve material.

Do you need a vinyl sleeve?

If so, YES. It’s a crucial part of record care; keeps the record “locked” into your sleeve and dust-free; also reduces friction pulling the record out of the sleeve.

Should you keep vinyl in plastic sleeves?

Step Three: Vinyl Bags So, while a standard plastic sleeve remains open on one side, the Mylar bag protects the record but also keeps the air and any airborne rubbish out.

Are poly lined inner sleeves good?

At the most basic level, I recommend you at least replace all your basic paper sleeves with polyethylene-lined paper. Polyethylene is by far the best inner sleeve material, offering safe antistatic storage for your most precious records.

Are polypropylene record sleeves safe?

Material quality is the most important factor in choosing record sleeves, and while polyethylene is perfectly safe, there’s nothing quite like the clarity of polypropylene to really make an album cover pop.

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