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What is a Wolfadoodle?

What is a Wolfadoodle?

The Irish Wolfadoodle is a majestic Irish Wolfhound-Poodle mix. The Irish Wolfadoodle is a large hybrid breed dog with a heart even bigger than their physical stature. From the Irish Wolfhound, they’ve inherited a calm and patient nature, whereas both parent pups are extremely intelligent and easy to train.

Do Irish Wolfadoodles shed?

The Irish Wolfadoodle is low to non shedding and while it is a large breed weighing between 75-110 pounds, they will be a lower energy dog.

How long do Irish Wolfadoodles live?

Life Expectancy Irish Wolfoodles are a large, relatively healthy dog that will typically live between 8 and 12 years.

What is a Mastidoodle?

Mastidoodle, Mastipoo, Mastiffpoo, Mastiffdoodle. The Mastidoodle is a large to giant-sized hybrid that is a mix between the Mastiff and the Standard Poodle.

How big do Irish Wolf doodles get?

The Irish Wolfoodle can be quite a tall dog, ranging from 16 to over 32 inches. These tall dogs have long legs, long tails with a slight curve, and a long body. Although they are tall they have a strong stance; their overall appearance is considered to be quite sturdy and lean.

How big do Irish wolf doodles get?

Why do Irish Wolfhounds not live long?

Although Irish Wolfhounds have been known to live up to 13 years, most of them die much younger—seven years or less. Only about 9% of the dogs will even make it to 10 years of age. They may die from heart disease (dilated cardiomyopathy), bone cancer, bloat, and many other less common diseases.

How much do Mastidoodles cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $1,200 for a Mastidoodle puppy. You will need to ensure you are purchasing from a reputable breeder that has knowledge and experience with the Standard Poodle and the Mastiff and has regular wellness checks and health tests done on their dogs.

Why are Irish Wolfhounds so expensive?

Irish Wolfhounds are giant dogs. They are one of the largest dogs on the planet, depending on what measurements you’re taking into account. Unfortunately, because they’re so large, they tend to be extremely expensive. It takes more money to breed them.

Are Irish Wolfhounds part wolf?

Think You Can?

Irish Wolfhound
Appearance Huge and lanky frame covered in long, wiry hair. Found in a variety of colors, though primarily gray or black in appearance. Floppy ears and a wise face.
Ancestry Originated as long ago as 700 BC; used primarily in Ireland to fight off wolf populations from farmland

Do Wolfhounds shed hair?

Grooming. Irish Wolfhounds have a double coat that consists of a harsh, wiry outer coat covering a soft undercoat. They shed throughout the year, but not to an excessive degree. A thorough brushing once a week or so will help to remove dirt and loose hair and keep the dog looking his best.

Is there a wolfhound poodle mix?

A gentle giant, the Irish Wolfoodle is a loving, intelligent hybrid that is a cross between the noble Irish Wolfhound and the quick-witted Standard Poodle. These shaggy coated hybrids are prized for their kind and sometimes lazy nature which makes them great companions for those who prefer a quiet lifestyle.

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