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What is AHCCCS sobra?

What is AHCCCS sobra?

A brief description of each program under AHCCCS is provided below: S.O.B.R.A. provides medical coverage, including doctor’s office visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, lab work, x-rays, and behavioral health services to low-income pregnant women and children age 18 and younger.

Does AHCCCS cover sterilization?

Sterilization services are covered regardless of member’s gender when the requirements specified in this Policy for sterilization services are met (including hysteroscopic tubal sterilizations, if available), and e. Pregnancy termination is covered only as specified in AMPM Policy 410.

Where are AHCCCS policy manuals located?

You may view the AHCCCS Contract and Policy Dictionary from our Guides and Manuals page at the following link: AHCCCS CONTRACT AND POLICY DICTIONARY. To view AMPM Policies, select Policy from the AMPM Table of Contents below.

Can AHCCCS patients be billed?

The AHCCCS Administration will determine whether or not an applicant meets Prior Quarter Coverage criteria. If the applicant meets the Prior Quarter Coverage criteria, providers will be required to bill the AHCCCS Administration for services provided during the prior quarter eligibility period.

What is Gmhsu?

GMHSU General Mental Health/Substance Use (formerly GMHSA, or General Mental Health/Substance Abuse) GRHCC Gila River Health Care Corporation (dba Hu Hu Kam Hospital) GSA Geographic Service Area GSL Guaranteed Student Loan GUIDE General Unemployment Insurance Development Effort (the system that maintains Arizona …

What does BHRF stand for?

Behavioral Health Residential Facilities (BHRF) licensed per 9 A.A.C. 10 and Title XIX certified. by AHCCCS provide a structured treatment setting with 24-hour supervision and counseling or. other therapeutic activities for persons who do not require on-site medical services.

Does AHCCCS cover abortion?

AHCCCS does NOT provide coverage for medically necessary abortions. The cost of an abortion depends on how far along you are in the pregnancy. A first trimester abortion (up to 12 weeks post-fertilization) typically costs between $450 and $950.

Is genetic testing covered by Ahcccs?

Genetic screening and testing are not covered, except as specified in AMPM Policy 310-II. iv. Contractors shall not utilize AHCCCS funding to purchase vaccines covered through the VFC program for members younger than 19 years of age, and b.

What is AHCCCS fee for service?

The Division of Fee-For-Service Management (DFSM) is a division within the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). DFSM serves as the health plan for Fee-for-Service (FFS) Medicaid members and reimburses claims for other populations of individuals not enrolled with a contractor.

Does AHCCCS cover plastic surgery?

Within limitations, AHCCCS covers medically necessary medical and surgical services performed in offices, clinics, hospitals, homes, or other locations by licensed physicians, dentists, and mid-level practitioners. Cosmetic surgery, experimental procedures, and unproven procedures are not covered.

What does Ahcccs stand for?

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is Arizona’s Medicaid agency that offers health care programs to serve Arizona residents.

How do I start an assisted living home in Arizona?

Arizona DHS requires that you must have approval from the governing municipality in which your home is located prior to submitting an application. This will either be the city, if incorporated, or the county in which your assisted living home is located. The approval process for each municipality will vary.

When can you abort a baby in AZ?

Arizona law allows medical abortions up to 9.6 weeks gestation and surgical abortions up to 22.6 weeks gestation.

Does AHCCCS cover newborn circumcision?

Routine newborn circumcision is not a covered service by AHCCCS or CMDP, as of October 2002. Circumcisions that are considered medically necessary by the healthcare provider require a prior authorization by CMDP Medical Services.

Does Arizona have fee-for-service Medicaid?

How does a fee-for-service plan work?

Fee-for-service is a system of health insurance payment in which a doctor or other health care provider is paid a fee for each particular service rendered, essentially rewarding medical providers for volume and quantity of services provided, regardless of the outcome.

Does Arizona AHCCCS cover eye exams?

Vision services for all AHCCCS members under the age of 21 include regular eye exams and vision screenings, prescription eyeglasses, and repairs or replacements of broken or lost eyeglasses.

Is Medicaid the same as AHCCCS?

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is Arizona’s Medicaid agency, and Medicaid within the state is often referred to as “AHCCCS.” Although the agency provides the medical insurance coverage, DES determines the eligibility for Medicaid.

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