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What is an antonym for pervade?

What is an antonym for pervade?

Opposite of to spread or pervade throughout. aid. deplete. drain.

What is the best synonym for pervade?

Synonyms of pervade

  • interpenetrate,
  • percolate (into),
  • permeate,
  • riddle,
  • suffuse,
  • transfuse.

Are spread and pervade synonyms?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pervade, like: spread through, permeate, animate, diffuse, charge, fill, imbue, inform, penetrate, spread and suffuse.

What pervaded mean?

Definition of pervade transitive verb. : to become diffused throughout every part of.

What is an antonym for fretful?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for fretful. affable, companionable, cordial, extroverted.

How do you use pervade in a sentence?

  1. A feeling of great sadness pervades the film.
  2. Art and music pervade every aspect of their lives.

Which is the closest antonym for the word prudent?


  • heedless,
  • incautious,
  • rash.
  • How do you use pervade?

    To pervade means to be present throughout, to exist in every part of. If you have too many cats, the horrible smell of cat pee will pervade your house. You can use pervade both for external things like smells and sickness, and for more internal things like feelings.

    How do you use pervading in a sentence?

    Throughout the book there is a pervading sense of menace. There is a pervading atmosphere of gloom in the film. The pervading feeling is that economic recovery is near.

    How do you spell ignominiously?

    ignominiously Add to list Share. Things that happen ignominiously occur in a shameful, dishonorable, or underhanded way.

    What does the word listlessly?

    adjective. having or showing little or no interest in anything; languid; spiritless; indifferent: a listless mood;a listless handshake.

    What are synonyms for fretful?

    synonyms for fretful

    • captious.
    • carping.
    • caviling.
    • complaining.
    • contrary.
    • crabby.
    • cranky.
    • critical.

    What is the antonym for loiter?

    What is the opposite of loiter?

    barrel bolt
    go like the wind hurry up
    keep up step on it
    get a move on move purposefully
    push forward beeline

    What is the synonym of fretful?

    How do you use luxuriate?

    Luxuriate in a Sentence 🔉

    1. After a long day, all Amber wanted to do was luxuriate in a soothing bubble bath.
    2. Jason was able to luxuriate in the wonderful service offered by the first class flight attendants.
    3. When Juan was released from prison after twenty years, he found it very easy to luxuriate in the simple things.

    What are antonyms of prudence?


  • carelessness,
  • heedlessness,
  • incaution,
  • incautiousness,
  • recklessness,
  • unwariness.
  • Which would be the closest antonym for the word discord?

    antonyms for discord

    • accord.
    • agreement.
    • concord.
    • harmony.
    • harmoniousness.

    How do you use misgiving in a sentence?

    I felt some misgiving about his ability to do the job. They regarded the plan with misgiving.

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