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What is datetime2 data type?

What is datetime2 data type?

Defines a date that is combined with a time of day that is based on 24-hour clock. datetime2 can be considered as an extension of the existing datetime type that has a larger date range, a larger default fractional precision, and optional user-specified precision.

What is the difference between datetime and datetime2?

DATETIME2 has a date range of “0001 / 01 / 01” through “9999 / 12 / 31” while the DATETIME type only supports year 1753-9999. Also, if you need to, DATETIME2 can be more precise in terms of time; DATETIME is limited to 3 1/3 milliseconds, while DATETIME2 can be accurate down to 100ns. Both types map to System.

What datetime2 0?

datetime2(0) – you don’t need fractional seconds. datetime2(1-7) – you need fractional seconds of the specified precision. datetimeoffset(0-7) – you need date and time with time zone awareness. time(0-7) – you need time only (no date) with fractional seconds of the specified precision.

Should I use datetime2 or DateTimeOffset?

If you are storing only UTC values (where the offset is always zero), you can save storage space with datetime2 . datetimeoffset requires 10 bytes of storage whereas datetime needs 8 bytes for precision 5 or greater, 7 bytes for precision 3-4, and 6 bytes for precision 2 or less.

What is the difference between datetime and DateTimeOffset in C#?

With its Kind property, DateTime is able to reflect only Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and the system’s local time zone. DateTimeOffset reflects a time’s offset from UTC, but it does not reflect the actual time zone to which that offset belongs.

Should I use DateTime2 or DateTimeOffset?

When was DateTime2 introduced?

SQL Server 2008
Datetime2 was introduced with SQL Server 2008, so it is here long enough to draw some comparisons with its “older brother”. The main difference is the way of data storage: while in Datetime type, the date comes first and then time, in Datetime2, 3 bytes, in the end, represents date part!

What is DateTimeOffset C#?

The DateTimeOffset structure includes a DateTime value, together with an Offset property that defines the difference between the current DateTimeOffset instance’s date and time and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

What is SQL DateTime2?

The DateTime2 is an SQL Server data type, that stores both date & time together. The time is based on the 24 hours clock. The DateTime2 stores the fractional seconds Up to 7 decimal places (1⁄10000000 of a second). The Precision is optional and you can specify it while defining the DateTime2 column.

How do I convert DateTimeOffset to local time?

In performing the conversion to local time, the method first converts the current DateTimeOffset object’s date and time to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by subtracting the offset from the time. It then converts the UTC date and time to local time by adding the local time zone offset.

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