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What is hydroelectric power Readworks answers?

What is hydroelectric power Readworks answers?

Hydropower is energy generated by a process that uses running or falling water. Mankind has used it for centuries. Around the globe during more primitive times, man used hydropower for irrigation of crops located miles around local water sources.

What does the author describe in the passage of the Hoover Dam?

What does the author describe in the passage? 3. The Hoover Dam provides water to crops and people, keeps potential floods under control, and generates electricity for people in the outlying areas.

What are two positive effects of the Hoover Dam?

The Hoover Dam provided necessary flood control and a consistent amount of water, enough to provide water for a million acres of farmland in the Southwest and Mexico. The power plant at Hoover Dam also supplies low-cost electricity to the states of Nevada, Arizona and California.

What are the negative effects of the Hoover Dam?

There were also significant downsides to the project: Over 100 construction workers were killed, and the Dam had a large impact on the Colorado River, flooding wildlife habitats and changing its natural flow of the Colorado. Stevens notes this would not pass today’s environmental impact assessments.

How does the Hoover Dam provide power to California Nevada and Arizona answer?

8. How does the Hoover Dam provide power to California, Nevada and Arizona? Suggested answer: The Hoover Dam provides power to California, Nevada and Arizona by harnessing the converted potential energy of Lake Mead. 9.

Who funded the Hoover Dam quizlet?

A dam built in the 1930s, with funding from the federal government, to control the Colorado River. This structure demonstrated Hoover’s belief in business and government and harnessed the power of a river to provide electricity and water supply to 7 states.

What 3 things does the Hoover Dam do?

It protects southern California and Arizona from the disastrous floods for which the Colorado had been famous. It provides water to irrigate farm fields. It supplies water and power to Los Angeles and other rapidly growing cities in the Southwest.

Who founded the Hoover Dam?

Herbert Hoover, the Nation’s 31st President. When construction of the dam was initiated, on September 30, 1930, Secretary of the Interior Ray Lyman Wilbur ordered that the dam to be built in the Black Canyon of the Colorado as part of the Boulder Canyon Project Act was to be called Hoover Dam.

Why was the Hoover Dam built?

Hoover Dam wasn’t built just to supply power. For one, it was built in an effort to help control flooding of the Colorado River as it snaked through the southwest on its way to the Gulf of California. Also, as the west opened up and more people settled there, the need for water increased.

What are 5 facts about the Hoover Dam?

7 Things You Might Not Know About the Hoover Dam

  • The dam’s name was a source of controversy.
  • An entire city was created for people working on the dam.
  • Hoover Dam created America’s largest reservoir.
  • No one was buried alive in the concrete.
  • It once was the Earth’s tallest dam.

How many died Hoover Dam?

The “official” number of fatalities involved in building Hoover Dam is 96. These were men who died at the dam site (classified as “industrial fatalities”) from such causes as drowning, blasting, falling rocks or slides, falls from the canyon walls, being struck by heavy equipment, truck accidents, etc.

How old is Hoover Dam?

91Hoover Dam / Age (c. 1931-1936)

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