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What is NBM code of conduct?

What is NBM code of conduct?

Basic principles. In performing their duties, the employees shall align their conduct to the NBM values which are as follows: civic engagement, efficiency, excellence, transparency, responsibility, integrity and credibility.

Who is the first chairman in NBM?

who is the first chairman in nbm? Tony Ejiofor (Aye Mona Lisa) was the first COE Chairman within the NBM.

What is the full meaning of Neo in NBM?

NBM stands for Neo-Black Movement. (also Nil By Mouth and 128 more)

What are the aims and objective of NBM?

According to the NBM website, their objectives include: “the redirection of all minds towards Black Realism and Determinism” and teaching people discipline of the body and mind, preventing negative images of Black people, conducting research on traditional African religions, and publishing a regular magazine called …

Who is Korofo?

Members pledge allegiance to a deity called Korofo, the unseen God, according to their ideology they are fighting against colonial oppression Their name comes from the Neo Black movement symbol featuring a black axe cutting chains of oppression.

Who is Marvel Akpoyibo?

Marvel Akpoyibo was indeed one of the Nine Founding Fathers of the Neo Black Movement of Africa otherwise known as Axe Men on campuses.

What is the meaning of Egede?

Acronym. Definition. EGEDE. Emerging Global Electronic Distance Education.

Where was EIYE found?

the University of Ibadan
According to sources, Eiye was founded at the University of Ibadan (SEC n.d.; BBC 27 Jan. 2016). The BBC reports that the group was created in the 1970s (ibid.).

Who is the founder of EIYE Confraternity?

The Supreme Eiye confraternity was reportedly formed in 1965 in University of Ibadan by a group of students some of which include: Tunde Aluko, Goke Adedeji, Bayo Adenubi, Dele Nwakpele, Bode Fadase, Kayode Oke and Bode Sowunmi.

When was supreme EIYE confraternity found?

The Supreme Eiye Confraternity 1958 later metamorphosed into National Association of Airlords (NAA) in 1963 was formed in the University of Ibadan, making it the second oldest confraternity after the Pyrate Confraternity.

What is supreme EIYE plate number?

Supreme Eiye confertanity. eiye plate number is pk 4188 jj. 5 yrs Report. 6 replies. Tolulope Areola.

Who is founder of EIYE?

What is EIYE Cread?

Eiye creed – I believe in supreme eiye confraternity,the opener of the eyes and mind. I believe in our holy just cause,the sacred African soil.

What is the meaning of EIYE?

Sources further note that “eiye” means “bird” in the Yoruba language (ibid.; SEC n.d.).

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