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What is the difference between ddr3l 1600 and ddr3l 1866?

What is the difference between ddr3l 1600 and ddr3l 1866?

If you are comparing DDR3-1600 CL9 with DDR3-1866 CL10 then there is no real difference. You will need 1866 modules with latency the same, or lower, than the 1600 modules you want to compare to in order to say it is “faster”. Keep voltage in mind also. At 1600 or 1866 frequencies you don’t see many that are above 1.5v.

Can you mix 1600 and 1866 Ram?

it should work the issue is, the 1866 will just run at 1600 which means it will be slow for the given latency. your best bet is to put in the 1866 and set its timings to match that on the 1600 and then put in the 1600.

What does DDR3 1866 mean?

Novuake : It means its DDR3 1866 MHZ RAM. Its just a designation used by the DDR standard to easily categorize between DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 RAM and there different operating speeds. DDR means Double Data Rate. So DDR is 2x 1866 = 3732 .

Which is better 1600MHz or 1866MHz?

but bigger is almost always better. Yes, but just to clarify, sometimes low end 1866 MHz memory runs at slower timings to reach the 1866MHz speed. This would effectively be slower for daily use than 1600MHz RAM that had tighter (more respsonsive) timings.

Can you mix DDR3/1600 DDR3 1866?

You can mix them but your RAM will run at the speeds of the slowest RAM.

Which is faster DDR3 or DDR3L?

DDR3L is a special type of DDR3 where L refers to low voltage standard. DDR3 needs a voltage of 1.5V while DDR3L needs only 1.35V. DDR3L consumes less power than DDR3. DDR3L generates less heat when compared to DDR3….What is the difference between D DR3 and DD R3L?

Memory Density Up to 8GB Up to 8GB

Does DDR3 RAM speed matter?

Is it WORTH IT to pay more for the FASTEST (and more expensive) DDR3 RAM? ANSWER: NO. You won’t see any gains in speed between the different RAM speeds (it’s all about MARKETING) so stick with the least expensive. The only reason to pay more for RAM would be if you liked the color or look of it.

What does DDR3L 1600 mean?

the DDR3 part means it accepts DDR3 memory and not DDR2 Or DDR4. and the DDR3L 1333/1600 @ 1.5V means it accepts DDR3 memory at speeds of 1333/1600 and uses 1.5 volts of electricity.

Can I put 1333MHz ram in a 1600MHz slot?

Yes it will run just fine. The slot can handle 1600mhz stock, and more with OC.

Can you use DDR3/1600 in place of DDR3 1333?

Yes you can. But the 1600 will run at 1333. Footnote: This is also the case if you choose to use 1600MHz RAM on a motherboard that only handles 1333MHz – It’ll run as fast as it’s allowed to.

Is DDR3L same as SoDIMM?

DDR3L is pin-compatible with DDR3. DDR3L is a dual voltage capable memory SoDIMM, which supports operation at both 1.5 V and 1.35 V.

What happens if you use DDR3L instead of DDR3?

DDR3L modules are backwards compatible with DDR3 by design. Manufacturers use the same integrated circuits for DDR3 and DDR3L. The highest quality ICs are tested for operating at 1.35 volts and are branded as DDR3L if they run properly. Other than that, there’s no difference between them.

Can I use 1600mhz RAM on a 1333mhz board?

RAM speed is set by your motherboard and processor combination. In short, yes 1600mhz ram will work at 1333mhz just fine.

Can you mix DDR3 and DDR3L memory?

DDR3L is backwards compatible with DDR3. However, DDR3 is not forwards compatible with DDR3L. If a motherboard requires DDR3L (common in many new laptops) then installing DDR3 may not work.

Can I put 1600MHz RAM in a 1333MHz slot?

In short, yes 1600mhz ram will work at 1333mhz just fine.

What happens if I put DDR3 in DDR3L slot?

so, basically, DDR3 can run in DDR3L slot but it can damaged MB and battery due to higher voltage and heat issues? It won’t damage anything. Your CPU is specified to be able to use regular DDR3.

Can I mix DDR3 and DDR3L RAM?

Is 1600mhz RAM good for gaming?

Any machine old enough to USE “1600 Mhz” RAM is going to be marginal on gaming for current high-end titles, but more due to the CPU than the RAM.

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