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What is VAV in air conditioning?

What is VAV in air conditioning?

Variable Air Volume (VAV) is a type of heating, ventilating, and/or air-conditioning (HVAC) system. The simplest VAV system incorporates one supply duct that, when in cooling mode, distributes approximately 55 °F (13 °C) supply air.

Where are VAV used?

VAV systems achieve their full potential in applications where there a multiple zones with variable load. Some examples are malls, hotels and office buildings. VAV boxes have a role similar to the duct heaters used in a CAV system.

What is multi zone VAV?

In VAV systems, the damper in each box modulates to vary the flow of air supplied to its zone, to match cooling capacity to the cooling load. As the space temperature deviates from setpoint, the VAV box controller responds by adjusting the position of the damper to increase or decrease airflow.

Why are VAV boxes important?

Energy Efficiency A VAV system is more efficient than other systems because it uses less air to keep a space at a specific temperature. It does this by allowing all the parts, the air handling unit boilers and chillers, to run at a lower load.

How many members are in VAV?

seven members
VAV (Hangul: 브이에이브이; shortened from Very Awesome Voice) is a South Korean boy band formed by A Team Entertainment (formerly AQ Entertainment) in Seoul, South Korea. The group consists of seven members: St. Van, Baron, Ace, Ayno, Jacob, Lou and Ziu.

How do I choose a VAV box?

Generally, in accounting for radiated noise, the maximum rating of a VAV box located above a standard acoustical ceiling should be no more than 5-NC higher than the desired room rating. For example, the maximum rating of a VAV box for a general office with a desired NC level of 30 should be no more than NC 35.

Who is the leader in VAV?


Who is the leader of the VAV?

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