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What was the market share of the different smartphones as of 2011?

What was the market share of the different smartphones as of 2011?

Top Five Worldwide Smartphone Vendors Market in 2011

Vendor FY 2011 Shipment Volumes FY 2011 Market Share
Samsung 94.0 19.1%
Apple 93.2 19.0%
Nokia 77.3 15.7%
Research In Motion 51.1 10.4%

Who has the largest market share in mobile phones?

With its share at around 22.5% of the global smartphone shipments in Q1 2022, China remains the world’s biggest smartphone market.

Who has the highest market share in the smartphone industry?

Samsung held the largest slice of the global smartphone market by shipments during the third quarter of 2021, regaining ground Apple made with the launch of the iPhone 12 at the end of 2020.

What is the market share of smartphones?

US smartphone market share breakdown Its market share of 28% is less than half of Apple’s. Apple and Samsung have a huge lead over other brands in the US. Their total smartphone market shares amount to 85.65%.

How many people had a smart phone in 2011?

Only 35 percent of all U.S. adults owned a smartphone in 2011, compared to 85 percent of adults who owned a smartphone, as of February 2021. The share of U.S. adults owning a smartphone increased by 50 percent over the highlighted period.

What percentage of US markets in July of 2011 belonged to smartphones?

40 Percent
Forty percent of mobile consumers over 18 in the U.S. now have smartphones, according to July 2011 data from Nielsen.

Which is No 1 mobile brand in world?

Samsung. Samsung topped the list in global smartphone shipments at the end of the first quarter of 2021. The South Korean tech giant shipped 76.1 million units achieving 29.2% growth YoY and capturing 22% market share.

What percentage of the world has a smartphone?

How Many People Have Smartphones In The World? According to Statista, the current number of smartphone users in the world today is 6.648 billion, and this means 83.72% of the world’s population owns a smartphone.

How many people had phones in 2001?

2001: 571. “US 86.1 million. of subscribers, 32% of population.”

What percentage of the world owns an iPhone?

Japan ranks as the country with the most number of iPhone users worldwide, earning 70% of the total market share. Worldwide median average iPhone ownership stands at 14%.

What is iPhone market share?

The iPhone, responsible for much of the company’s growth, has cemented its status as the smartphone of choice for many Americans during recent quarters. Apple smartphones achieved a 55 percent share of the market in Q1 2021, down from 65 percent from the end of the pevious year.

How big is the worldwide smartphone market?

The smartphone industry has been steadily developing and growing since 2008, both in market size and in number of models and vendors. Smartphone shipments worldwide are projected to add up to around 1.43 billion units in 2022. By the end of 2020, 78.05 percent of the world’s population were smartphone users.

How big is the mobile market?

How big is the mobile market? b. The global mobile marketing market size was estimated at USD 65.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 79.8 billion in 2020.

How common were cell phones in 2002?

According to “Life Styles and Past Times” by Jenny Tesar, in 1984 only 40,000 people used cell phones comparing to the present year 2002, during which 180 million used this device. The Scarborough study present us with information for the year 2002, stating that almost 62% of American adults own cell phones.

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