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Where is DotMod manufactured?

Where is DotMod manufactured?

Our products represent the industry’s gold standard. Our design, fulfillment and customer service offices are located in San Diego, California and our products are manufactured to the highest standards.

How good is DotMod?

The dotMod dotAIO V2 is available in Black, Silver, Red, and Royal Blue. Stunning looks, excellent build quality, compact, lightweight, 4 power modes, easy to use. Stock coils are good but not great. The dotAIO V2 is an excellent device and probably one of the best-looking, compact AIOs on the market.

Is DotMod high end?

DotMod Brand Review: The Highest-Class of Vaping Device. The DotMod brand has become synonymous with elegance and style because of its high-performing, sophisticated vaping devices.

What is the difference between DotMod AIO and SE?

The original dotAIO was made of CNC aluminium, with aluminium panels, the SE is made of zinc alloy, and has plastic panels. With a cheaper material cost, the cost of the device has gone down dramatically, and I actually prefer the look of the SE. It’s also a little heavier in the hand, not being made from aluminium.

What coils work in a DotMod AIO?

DotMod vape coils. Supports MTL & DTL vaping. Mesh and ceramic coil builds. Compatible with high VG and high PG e-liquids.

What is a dotAIO?

The dotmod dotAIO 35W Pod System is a luxurious vaping pod kit bathed in Dotmod’s signature colored finish, integrating a 4 Power Level Output, replaceable pod coil system, and features a removable single high-amp 18650 battery (sold separately).

What is the difference between Dotmod AIO and SE?

What coils are compatible with Dotmod AIO?

Supporting one 18650 battery, the dotAIO is designed for maximum battery life. Compatible with our 0.3, 0.7, and 1.6 Ohm coils.

What coils are compatible with dotAIO V2?

The dotAIO V2 is also compatible with dotMod’s brand-new coil platform with resistances from 0.15ohms – 1.0ohms. Included in the kit is both a 0.3ohm and a 0.7ohm coil. The dotMod dotAIO V2 is currently available in 4 colors: Silver, Royal Blue, Red and Black.

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