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Where is GeoWoodstock 2022?

Where is GeoWoodstock 2022?

GeoWoodstock 18 will be August 13, 2022 If you haven’t already seen the big news from our friends at HQ in Seattle, their event will be hosted August 20, 2022 at Seattle Center.

What state was the first mega event held in?

The Original Mega Event In 2003, a Tennessee geocacher named JoGPS had a vision. His dream was to host a geocaching event that would bring together the top cachers of the time from all over the country in one place.

Is the Super Bowl a mega event?

Your book focuses on the Olympics and World Cup, but the Super Bowl is also a mega-event. Tell us more about the effect of hosting Super Bowls on cities. Similar to the Olympics, Super Bowl economics depend on the ability to bring new spending from outsiders into the host city.

What is a giga event?

Giga-Event classification. A Giga-Event Cache is a geocaching event attended by 5000 or more people. Giga-Events are the largest of the Event Cache types, and feature excellent social activities for geocachers attending from all over the world.

Is the Super Bowl a giga event?

As a consequence, one- or two-dimensionally large events – such as the Super Bowl – do not qualify as mega-events or giga-events.

What are the examples of mega event?

Major or large-scale sporting events can also be known as mega events if they have an international market and are organized by a special ‘authority’. Examples include the Olympic Games, the World Cup of football, and the Super Bowl.

What is geocaching mega?

Mega events are special event caches that attract more than 500 attendees.

How do I host a geocache event?

How to Host a Geocaching Event

  1. Location, Location, Location. The first thing to think about is WHERE to have the event.
  2. Date. Choose your date and time, and remember that events MUST be posted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event.
  3. Theme.
  4. Write a helpful description.
  5. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

What is the meaning mega event?

Quick Reference. A term for large-scale cultural events that have usually at least a national profile and impact, and often an international one, and that are organized on a larger scale than routine fixtures in the sporting calendar.

How do I create a geocache event?

What is a mega geocache?

A Mega-Event cache is an Event Cache that is attended by 500+ people. Mega-Events offer geocachers a day of planned activities, and there are often several days of additional activities surrounding the Mega-Event. These large events attract geocachers from all over the world and are often held annually.

What is a geocache event?

Geocaching Event Caches are get-togethers listed on They are organized by local geocachers and geocaching organizations. They range from meet-and-greets, to education seminars, to environmental cleanups. Anyone is welcome to attend!

What is geowoodstock XVIII?

The park features a large, warm freshwater lake with forest-clad mountains, which offer ample opportunities for visiting tourists including attractions, geocaching and picnicking. GeoWoodstock XVIII is rescheduled to Summer 2022! As you are aware, the COVID-19 situation has continued to cause disruptions to events and activities the world over.

What makes geowoodstock so special?

From the first ever event geocoin, the first appearance of the Signal the Frog Mascot, to the first event to have over a thousand logs, incorporate weddings, train and paddle wheel excursions etc. GeoWoodstock has always been on the cutting edge of what an event can be and what geocachers can do for their community.

What happened to the geowoodstock event page?

The GeoWoodstock event page has been updated and if you’ve already shared your will attend, there’s no need to do anything further there. You will want to review our event registration page if you haven’t already done that, and know that all previous registration packages will continue to be honoured.

Will geowoodstock XX be held in 2023?

Now accepting proposals for GeoWoodstock XX to be held in 2023. All proposals must be submitted by March 15, 2022 to be considered.

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