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Which is the best HDFC Equity Fund?

Which is the best HDFC Equity Fund?

HDFC MF Top Rated Funds

  • HDFC Multi Asset Fund Direct-Growth.
  • HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund Direct Plan-Growth.
  • HDFC Index Fund Nifty 50 Plan Direct -Growth.
  • HDFC Index S&P BSE Sensex Direct Plan-Growth.
  • HDFC Equity Savings Direct Plan-Growth.
  • HDFC Hybrid Debt Fund Direct-Growth.
  • HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund Direct-Growth.

Which HDFC SIP scheme is best?

HDFC Best SIP Plans 2022

S.No. HDFC Mutual Fund SIP
1. HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund Direct-Growth
2. HDFC Dynamic Debt Fund Direct-Plan-Growth
3. HDFC Retirements Savings Fund Equity Plan Direct-Growth
4. HDFC Gold Direct-Plan Growth

Which HDFC Mutual Fund gives highest return?

HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund is a Equity – ELSS fund was launched on 2 Jan 01. It is a fund with Moderately High risk and has given a CAGR/Annualized return of 21.4% since its launch….Returns for HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund.

Duration Returns
5 Year 17.4%
10 Year
15 Year
Since launch 21.4%

How can I check my HDFC Mutual Fund status with folio number?

The mobile number has to be registered in the folio(s)….

  1. Give a missed call on 8506936767 from your registered mobile number.
  2. You will hear a message acknowledging receipt of your missed call.
  3. You will shortly receive SMS on your registered mobile number providing scheme-wise valuation(s) along with total valuation.

Which HDFC fund is best for long term?

Best HDFC Equity Mutual Funds to Invest in 2022

Fund Name 1Y CAGR 3Y CAGR 5Y CAGR Till Date CAGR Till Date CAGR
HDFC Index S&P BSE Sensex fund (G) 12% 14.5%
HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund (G) 20.6% 21.4%
HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (G) 18.3% 15.5%
HDFC Flexi Cap Fund (G) 13.2% 18.1%

Which is better SBI mutual fund or HDFC Mutual Fund?

In equity assets, SBI MF is the largest player, with Rs 1.94 lakh crore of assets compared with HDFC Asset Management Company’s Rs 1.54 lakh crore. In debt assets, SBI MF is second to HDFC MF, which has Rs 1.99 lakh crore of AUM, compared with SBI’s Rs 1.63 lakh crore.

How do I check my mutual fund balance?

You can call the customer care of the respective asset management company to know your mutual fund status. You have to provide details like PAN card and folio number to the service provider. Once verified, the service provider will provide details of the funds under your PAN.

What is HDFC Equity Fund?

HDFC Equity Fund is an open-ended growth oriented scheme which falls under the Multi-Cap category. The primary objective of HDFC Equity Fund G is to provide capital appreciation over a long-term period. It has a high-worth portfolio which assures productive returns for the investors over a period of time.

Which HDFC Mutual Fund is best for lump sum?

Minimum Investment Amount: The minimum amount required to invest in HDFC Top 100 Fund via lump sum is ₹5,000 and via SIP is ₹300….HDFC Top 100 Fund Direct Plan Growth.

Min Investment Amt ₹5,000
AUM ₹19,910 Cr
1Y Returns 5.1%

Which is the best SIP to invest in 2021?

List of Best SIP Funds in India Ranked by Last 5 Year Returns

  • Quant Active Fund. N.A.
  • Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund. Consistency.
  • PGIM India Flexi Cap Fund. Consistency.
  • Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund.
  • Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund.
  • Quant Focused Fund.
  • Edelweiss Large & Mid Cap Fund.
  • Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund.

How can I withdraw my HDFC Mutual Fund money online?

Ways to Redeem Mutual Fund Units

  1. Redemption through AMC.
  2. Redemption Through Online Portals.
  3. Redemption Through Agent.
  4. Redemption Through Demat Account.
  5. Redemption through CAMS.

How can I get HDFC mutual fund statement?

Account statement through IVR Call us on 1800-3010-6767 (Toll Free) / 1800-419-7676 and follow the instructions. Investors calling from abroad may call on 91-44-33462406 to connect to our Call Center.

How can I see my mutual fund online?

Log onto the CAMSonline portal and click on ‘Investor Services’ on the top menu. Then, click on the ‘Mailback Services’ tab on the left side of the menu. Next, select ‘Consolidated Account Statement – CAMS+Karvy+FTAMIL+SBFS’. Once this is done, you need to provide a valid email address and choose a password.

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