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Who is the girl in Road Trip?

Who is the girl in Road Trip?

Amy SmartBeth WagnerRachel BlanchardTiffany HendersonMia Amber DavisRhondaMarla SucharetzaSperm Bank NurseMary Lynn RajskubBlind BrendaJessica CauffielThe Wrong Tiffany
Road Trip/Actresses

Who played the nerd in Road Trip?

DJ Qualls
Qualls in 2014
Born Donald Joseph Qualls June 10, 1978 Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1994–present

Who is the waiter in Road Trip?

John Ross Bowie
Road Trip (2000) – John Ross Bowie as Waiter – IMDb.

Who plays Bethany in Road Trip?

3/7/2022 12:01 AM PT Los Angeles local Amy Smart was in her early 20s when she blasted her way into the entertainment biz back in 2000 with some top-notch breakout roles including the college hottie Beth — who gets involved in a wild night of partying, sex and camcorders — in the 2000 college comedy “Road Trip.”

Who died from Road Trip?

actress Mia Amber Davis
‘Road Trip’ Actress Dies After Having Knee Surgery Plus-sized “Road Trip” actress Mia Amber Davis has died following complications from knee surgery. She was 36.

Who is the black girl in the movie Road Trip?

Mia Amber Davis
Mia Amber Davis, a Black plus-size model widely recognized for her appearance in the movie “Road Trip”, died on May 10. She was 36.

How old is Breckin?

48 years (May 7, 1974)Breckin Meyer / Age

Who are the girls with Tom Green in road trip?


  • Breckin Meyer as Josh Parker.
  • Seann William Scott as E.L. Faldt.
  • Paulo Costanzo as Rubin Carver.
  • DJ Qualls as Kyle Edwards.
  • Amy Smart as Beth Wagner.
  • Rachel Blanchard as Tiffany Henderson, Josh’s long-distance girlfriend.
  • Tom Green as Barry Manilow, the college tour guide and narrator of the film.

Is Tiffany cheating in road trip?

At the same time Josh learns that Tiffany was not cheating on him, he discovers that the videotape had accidentally been sent to her. He then gathers a few friends who rush down to Austin, Texas in order to intercept the tape before Tiffany can see it.

Where was roadtrip filmed?

The fictional ‘University of Ithaca’ is based on both Ithaca College and Cornell University, each located in Ithaca, New York. Filming took place from October 16, 1999 to December 27, 1999 on the campuses of Woodward Academy, Georgia Tech, Emory University, and the University of Georgia.

How did swap shop lady died?

Swap Shop star Amber Davis’ death explored As per Nirvana Comics Knoxville’s Instagram page, Amber went for kidney transplant surgery in December 2020. But she could not fully recover from the surgery and sadly passed away.

What happened to Mia Amber Davis?

Mia Amber Davis died from a blood clot. That’s according to her cousin, Dr. Mignon R. Moore, who tells E! News exclusively that the husband of the Road Trip star and plus-sized model was notified by the coroner yesterday of the preliminary finding.

Who is the blonde from road trip?

Rachel Blanchard was advised to dye her hair red for her role of Tiffany. Both Rachel Blanchard and Amy Smart have blonde hair and blue eyes, and Todd Phillips felt it made sense to have only one blonde involved in the story.

Is Breckin Meyer married?

Deborah KaplanBreckin Meyer / Spouse (m. 2001–2014)

Personal life. Meyer married screenwriter and film director Deborah Kaplan on October 14, 2001, and has two daughters with her.

How tall is Seth Green?

5′ 4″Seth Green / Height

Who played Johnny in Lost?

DJ Qualls
DJ Qualls played the role of Johnny.

Is Tiffany cheating on Josh in road trip?

Josh was misled to believe that Tiffany was cheating on him. He then slept with Beth, who videotaped the whole thing. At the same time Josh learns that Tiffany was not cheating on him, he discovers that the videotape had accidentally been sent to her.

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