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Who won Ironman Texas?

Who won Ironman Texas?

American star Jocelyn McCauley posted a convincing victory at IRONMAN Texas 2022 on Saturday afternoon. The 34-year-old McCauley came home a long way in front of fellow American Lauren Brandon and Joanna Ryter of Switzerland.

Is Ironman Texas 2021 Cancelled?

Ironman Texas postponed The 70.3 races in Texas are still scheduled for the same dates – April 11 for the Galveston race (Ironman 70.3 Texas) while Lubbock remains on the schedule for June 27. Ironman also announced that there will be a new full-distance race in Texas at some point in 2021.

Who won Ironman Texas 2021?

Andres Castillo Latorre outran roughly 823 runners to win with a time of 08:52:33, followed by Antonio Ferreira Da Silva Neto who finished with a time of 09:00:39. Pablo Arce Diaz (09:01:08) made notched third place.

How long do you have to complete Ironman Texas?

Each athlete will get the full 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete the 2.4 mile swim regardless of what time they enter the water. Athletes who take longer than 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete the swim will receive a DNF.

Who won Texas Ironman 2022?

Ben Hoffman grinded past more than 2358 runners to win in 07:57:57. Magnus Ditlev earned runner-up honours with a time of 07:58:11. Jesper Svensson got the third place in 08:08:53.

Who won Ironman The Woodlands?

Ben Hoffman and Jocelyn McCauley claim victories at 2022 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas Triathlon. The Woodlands, Texas and northern Harris County once again played host to the 2022 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas triathlon on Saturday, April 23.

Who won Ironman Texas 2022?

Ben Hoffman
Ben Hoffman got the better of a thrilling battle with Magnus Ditlev to win an epic race at IRONMAN Texas 2022 on Saturday.

Is Ironman Texas wetsuit legal?

The swim is in Lake Woodlands can be wetsuit legal or non-wetsuit legal. It’s a rolling start which means you start at approximately the time it takes you to swim 2.4 miles. The buoys are on the left throughout the course when you make the turn into the canal approx.

How much does Ironman Texas cost?

There are three types of fees that you will need to pay to compete in an Ironman: The entry fee is the obvious one….COST OF IRONMAN RACES IN NORTH AMERICA:

Race Year Cost
Ironman Texas 2022 $846
Ironman Tulsa 2021 $791
Ironman Waco 2021 $791
Ironman Wisconsin 2021 $764

Who won the Ironman in The Woodlands?

The event saw Ben Hoffman sprint away from second place Magnus Ditlev (DNK) in the final stretch of the 140.6-mile race to take the overall victory with a finishing time of 7:57:58.

Who won Ironman 2021 in The Woodlands TX?

Andres Castillo Latorre
With over 800 athletes starting the 2021 IRONMAN Texas triathlon, Andres Castillo Latorre (Bogotá, Colombia) took the men’s top honors with a finishing time of 8:52:32 while Alice Grant (Boston, Mass.) took the women’s race with a finishing time of 9:23:55.

Do you have to wear a swim cap in Ironman?

Equipment, finally. You need to wear the cap that they give you, the swim cap that they gave you, you can wear a Neoprene cap or a swim cap underneath the cap that they gave you, but the swim cap that they issued you at check-in needs to be worn on top so that it’s visible.

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