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Are plastic trumpets any good?

Are plastic trumpets any good?

The plastic used in plastic trumpets can, surprisingly, actually be as sturdy or more sturdy than the metals used in traditional trumpets. Another added benefit of plastic trumpets is that they can cost quite a bit less than brass trumpets making them a good option if you’re looking for the best trumpets on a budget.

What are plastic trumpets called?

pTrumpet Plastic Trumpet
The revolutionary pTrumpet is the world’s first ever fully functioning plastic trumpet. Featuring a unique interchangeable valve design, one-piece patented lead pipe and adjustable slides, the pTrumpet combines an authentic trumpet sound with a robust plastic body.

Are plastic cornets any good?

The answer is undoubtedly yes – and with plastic knobs on. It is remarkably easy to blow (the lead pipe is a sturdy bit of engineering) and quickly responds by producing a fat, resonant tone. Young players can quickly progress to use a good quality metal mouthpiece if they wish giving even greater resonance of sound.

How much does a pTrumpet cost?

Compare with similar items

This item pInstrument pTrumpet Plastic Trumpet – Mouthpieces and Carrying Bag – Lightweight Versatile, Comfortable Ergonomic Grip – Bb Authentic Sound for Student & Beginner – Durable ABS Construction – Blue
Customer Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars (78)
Price $16999
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Color Blue

Should I buy a plastic trumpet?

Plastic trumpets are met with a good amount of skepticism in terms of quality in construction and sound. Though they might not be made to last as long and well as their original brass counterparts, some models might have you pleasantly surprised.

What are plastic trumpets for?

Accessible trumpet is less than half the weight of a brass trumpet due to the plastic material throughout the whole instrument, so it’s ideal for the younger player and for all those who may have difficulty with the weight and balance.

Are plastic trumpets quieter?

Are Plastic Trumpets Quieter? Plastic trumpets are not generally quieter than brass trumpets. In fact, plastic trumpets can make a pretty close sound to the one that regular trumpets make. This is why they are so beneficial for beginner trumpeters.

What is a pBuzz?

pBuzz is a brass instrument made from plastic. It is like no other brass instrument in that it is designed to play only one harmonic or partial, so no bugle calls here! You can however play chromatically from F to C by lengthening and shortening pBuzz with its sliding body.

Who makes pTrumpet?

pTrumpet is the world’s first ever fully plastic trumpet – a fully functioning Bb trumpet, designed in the UK for musicians by musicians. It comes in its own smart gig bag along with a 3c and 5c mouthpiece.

Which plastic trumpet is best?

The Cool Wind CTR-200 trumpet is our best choice for an all-round quality plastic trumpet.

Are plastic euphoniums any good?

It is durable and light, and in colder environments it is great to pick up an instrument that maintains it’s temperature. I play in a medium sized orchestra weekly, and the sound compliments the other conventional brass instruments nicely. It isn’t an $8,000 compensating euphonium, but it does the job effectively.

Can you use a plunger as a trumpet mute?

The mute is held in the performer’s hand and used to cover and uncover the bell to create a “wah-wah” sound. Using a plunger, an excellent player can make the trumpet sound almost like it’s talking!

What is AP trumpet?

pTrumpet is the world’s first ever fully plastic trumpet – a fully functioning Bb trumpet, designed in the UK for musicians by musicians. It comes in its own smart gig bag along with a 3c and 5c mouthpiece. Read more.

What is AJ Horn?

The jHorn is a revolutionary brass training instrument suitable for beginners and casual players of all ages.

Where are Ptrumpets made?

Early Lotus trumpet models were made in Germany. Today, most parts are made in Italy, and the trumpets are assembled in Poland.

Do plastic instruments sound good?

More videos on YouTube Some plastic instruments sound pretty much indistinguishable from metal instruments but only when made well and also differently to metal instruments. If you want to hear how they sound side by side then watch and hear below. Some instruments do not translate as well from metal into plastic.

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