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Can you camp anywhere in Voyageurs National Park?

Can you camp anywhere in Voyageurs National Park?

All campsites in Voyageurs are accessible only by watercraft. All Frontcountry and Backcountry campsites are water-based, require a permit, and can only be accessed by boat. Most campsites in the park are Frontcountry sites, meaning they are directly accessible by boat.

Can you RV at Voyageurs National Park?

While there are only three RV sites available, they’re all pull-thru with full hookups. With a goal of “getting visitors on the lake,” the resort offers complimentary kayaks and canoes, plus boat and fishing gear rentals as well as guided fishing trips.

When can I reserve a campsite in Voyageurs National Park?

November 15th
All tent campsites within Voyageurs National Park require a reservation fee and nightly amenity fees. Reservations available November 15th for the following season.

Is Voyageurs National Park worth visiting?

Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota might not be the most widely-known destination in the National Park Service (NPS), but it’s definitely one worth visiting – especially if you love water and communing with nature.

Is alcohol allowed in Voyageurs National Park?

General Regulations: Between May 15 and September 15, tent and houseboat camping is limited to 14 days at a specific site and 30 days in a calendar year within the park. Operating a boat or snowmobile while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

What town is close to Voyageurs National Park?

International Falls is the closest city to Voyageurs National Park.

How do I reserve a campsite at Voyageurs National Park?

RESERVATION FEE: All reservations made for Voyageurs National Park camping permits will include a $10 non-refundable reservation fee. HOW TO MAKE A RESERVATION: Reservations can be made online at, or through the call center at (877) 444-6777.

What is Voyageurs National Park known for?

The park’s name commemorates the voyageurs—French-Canadian fur traders who were the first European settlers to frequently travel through the area. Notable for its outstanding water resources, the park is popular with canoeists, kayakers, other boaters, and fishermen.

What time of year can you see northern lights in Voyageurs National Park?

Northern lights can be seen anytime of the year, however the best chance to view them is in the winter. The smallest chance of seeing northern lights is in the summer. While northern lights can occur at anytime, we are only capapble of seeing them when it is dark out.

Is there hiking in Voyageurs National Park?

Voyageurs National Park offers some excellent opportunities for hiking, too. There are over 100 miles of trails to explore while you’re there! Hikers enjoy views of wildlife like loons, eagles, osprey, and more.

How do you bring whiskey camping?

Regardless of whether your beer is in cans or your whisky is in a flask – store it with your food in a barrel or food hang in order to prevent bears/wildlife at your campsite. Leave no trace! Pack out whatever you bring in – flatten beer cans or rinse out disposable flasks and carry them back to civilizations.

How often can you see the northern lights in Voyageurs National Park?

200 times per year
Did You Know? The Voyageurs National Park Service claims you can see the Northern Lights 200 times per year here in Northern Minnesota.

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