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Does Jimmy Jenkins drop anything?

Does Jimmy Jenkins drop anything?

This tactic is expedited by having Animal Rights active as well, and saving and quitting in the Natural Selection Annex for players who have access to the Creature Slaughterdome. Despite being considered a loot midget, he does not drop any legendary or pearlescent weapons.

Can you find Jimmy Jenkins in Borderlands 2?

Jenkins is most easily found in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve with the side quest “Doctor’s Orders” active. With these conditions, Jenkins can be found in one of four cardboard boxes in the room near Bloodwing’s containment area.

What are the challenges in Borderlands 2?

Elemental Challenges

Challenge Objective 2
Slag-Licked Deal bonus damage to Slagged enemies. 25k
Boom. Kill enemies with explosive damage. 75
I Just Want to Set the World on Fire Deal burn damage. 20k
Cowering Inferno Ignite enemies. 100

How do you get doctor orders in Borderlands 2?

Doctor’s Orders is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Patricia Tannis. It becomes available after Bright Lights, Flying City is complete.

What does Badass Rank do in Borderlands 2?

Earning enough Badass Rank will award a player with a Badass Token, which can then be spent on one of five randomly selected stat upgrades out of a list of 14 possible choices.

What is the undiscovered shotgun challenge Borderlands 2?

#Borderlands2undiscoveredshotgun #Openwide #Charleytank now this badass rank takes quite a while to get because first you have to complete 750 close range kills with a shotgun to complete the “Open Wide” challenge.

Can loot midgets drop shields?

Loot Midgets cannot drop legendary shields.

Do loot midgets drop Legendaries in normal mode?

Also to clarify, in normal and true modes, they are loot midgets and mostly drop cash/ammo/health (but can drop legendaries.)

Where can I farm legendary loot midgets Borderlands 2?

Loot Midgets can be found aplenty in the following areas: Frostburn Canyon, Tundra Express, Opportunity, Sawtooth Cauldron, Arid Nexus – Boneyard and Arid Nexus – Badlands….Locations

  • Regular ammunition chests.
  • Washing machines.
  • Storage boxes.
  • Toilets.
  • Hyperion ammo chests.
  • Lockers.
  • Dumpsters.
  • Parcels (cardboard boxes)

What are the challenges for in Borderlands 3?

Crew Challenges are hidden collectibles that can be found in every Borderlands 3 map. When found or completed, they award players with experience points, cash, or Eridium. You can find the list under “Crew Challenges” when checking your map.

Do loot midgets drop Legendaries in TVHM?

They don’t have a designated legendary drop, if that’s what you mean – even odds for any of the base game legendaries.

What’s the highest Badass Rank in Borderlands 2?

429496729 is the absolute limit to Badass Rank, and obtaining any more rank after this point, will cause it to become -429496729.

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