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How do you get dragon coins in DragonFable?

How do you get dragon coins in DragonFable?

If you have had a Dragon Amulet character on your DragonFable account for more than six months, you may purchase a special bonus package of 10000 Dragon Coins for just $19.95. Each package comes with ONE item from the Doom Knight set.

How much is a dragon amulet on DragonFable?

$5.00 at time of purchase! Add just $5 when you purchase a Dragon Amulet Upgrade to add an EXTRA 2000 Dragon Coins to a single character or, an extra 2000 Dragon Coins to EVERY character when you upgrade all 6!

Where do I get dragon coins?

Dragon Coins can also be found in Dragon Caches, acquired from the Dragon Coin Digest and Dragon Hoard Deposition legendary tomes or be purchased from the store in packs of 5 for 750 cubits.

Can I play DragonFable on phone?

We only support playing DragonFable on your computer’s browser at this time. We do not officially support any hand-held or gaming console computing devices such as a smart phone, tablet, XBOX, Wii, PlayStation, etc.

Is DragonFable free?

DragonFable is a free-to-play, online, browser-based, single-player, fantasy, role-playing game developed by Artix Entertainment and updated on a weekly basis. Players may access locked game content by upgrading to a premium account for a one-time fee.

How much is Dragon coin worth?

The current price is $0.004114 per DRG.

What is the strongest class in DragonFable?

S Tier

  • DoomKnight. The most powerful class in the game, well worth its price.
  • SnugglePanda. Completely impenetrable defenses in addition to a spammable autostun skill make this the other strongest class in the game, by a very large margin.

Is AdventureQuest a flash game?

AdventureQuest (also referred to by its website name BattleOn or abbreviated to AQ) is an online Flash-based single-player role-playing video game started in 2002 and currently developed by Artix Entertainment.

Can you play DragonFable offline?

You can now download the Artix Games Launcher and can play DragonFable without a browser!

How much is DragonFable?

$19.95 – 1 DragonAmulet Plus 200 DragonCoins. $24.95 – 5 DragonAmulets Plus 2200 DragonCoins per Character – Rest of Upgrade & Coins. $19.95 – 5 DragonAmulets Plus 200 DragonCoins – Rest of Upgrade.

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