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How do you use an inhaler step by step?

How do you use an inhaler step by step?

Breathe in Slowly

  1. Hold the inhaler with the mouthpiece down. Place your lips around the mouthpiece so that you form a tight seal.
  2. As you start to slowly breathe in through your mouth, press down on the inhaler one time.
  3. Keep breathing in slowly, as deeply as you can.

How do you give salbutamol?

Salbutamol Nebuliser Solution must only be used by inhalation, to be breathed in through the mouth and must not be injected or swallowed. Bronchodilators should not be the only or main treatment in patients with severe or unstable asthma.

Is salbutamol used for cough?

Salbutamol is used to treat cough, wheeze and difficulty breathing caused by respiratory problems such as asthma and COPD. It works by opening air passages in the lungs to make breathing easier. Salbutamol is called a ‘reliever’ medicine because it quickly relieves your breathing problems.

How do you use a blue inhaler?

Take the inhaler out of your mouth and hold your breath for about ten seconds (or as long as comfortable). If you need another dose of medicine, wait for about 30 seconds before taking the second dose.

When should I take my inhaler?

It should be used as soon as you feel your asthma beginning to flare up. You should carry your rescue inhaler with you at all times in case you need it. If your rescue inhaler isn’t working to relieve your asthma attack or if you have symptoms of a severe asthma attack, you should go to the emergency room immediately.

When should I use my inhaler?

Which inhaler do you use first blue or brown?

The key message is that the blue inhaler is used for immediate relief, while the brown inhaler is used to reduce symptoms and prevent further attacks. Remember when symptoms present themselves or in the event of an asthma attack to use the blue inhaler.

Can we use inhaler after food?

Healthy eating (Asthma) Take your inhaler before you eat. Eat while sitting up to ease the pressure on your lungs and help them expand more easily.

How much salbutamol can I take?

The normal way to use your inhaler (both adults and children) is: 1 or 2 puffs of salbutamol when you need it. up to a maximum of 4 times in 24 hours (regardless of whether you have 1 puff or 2 puffs at a time)

How do you use salbutamol inhaler 100mcg?

To prevent symptoms before exercise or contact with whatever triggers your asthma attack the dose is one puff (100mcg). This may be increased to two puffs (200mcg) if required. For regular treatment the dose is up to two puffs (200mcg) up to 4 times a day.

Which Puffer goes first?

In the past many doctors recommended that before using your antiinflammatory (corticosteroid) inhaler, you should first take two puffs from your bronchodilator (beta-agonist) inhaler.

How long after using an inhaler can you eat?

Healthy eating (Asthma) Clear airways one hour before eating. Take your inhaler before you eat. Eat while sitting up to ease the pressure on your lungs and help them expand more easily.

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