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How fast does a Aprilia RS4 125 go?

How fast does a Aprilia RS4 125 go?

Key specs and dimensions

Model Aprilia RS4 125
BHP 15bhp @ 10,750rpm
Torque 12Nm @ 8,000rpm
Top speed 70mph
Weight 144kg

Is the Aprilia RS4 125 reliable?

The RS4 125 benefits from a reliable 125cc four stroke engine that doesn’t need a rebuild every 10,000 miles. The RS4 125 is also more environmentally friendly using less fuel and oil compared to the 2-strokes. All in all the RS4 125 is a much cheaper bike taking all considerations including running cost.

Does Aprilia RS4 125 have abs?

The chassis is an aluminium perimeter frame with an aluminium swingarm. The brakes consist of a 30 cm steel disc in front with a four-piston radial caliper, and a 22 cm steel disc with a single caliper at the rear. Complementing this for 2017 is Bosch 9.1ML single channel ABS, at the front.

Is the Aprilia RS 125 2 stroke?

The Aprilia RS125 is a GP derived replica sport production motorcycle. It is powered by a Rotax single cylinder 124.8 cc two-stroke engine with Nikasil coated aluminium cylinder block, and liquid cooling.

Is Aprilia RS125 learner legal?

For a start you have to consider its legality. As a 125cc learner legal bike, it should only produce 15bhp, but de-restricted RS125s can produce in the 34bhp area.

How fast is a Aprilia SR 125?

90 kmph
Aprilia SR 125 has a top speed of 90 kmph.

Can you ride an Aprilia RS 125 on a CBT?

If you are looking for a fast ride on a CBT licence then you can certainly find it with the Aprilia RS 125, Honda CBR125R and Yamaha YZF-R125. 0-60mph in 3.16 secs, 3.14 secs and 3.11 secs respectively. NOTE: All of these 125cc bikes are faster than a Ferrari Spyder 2012 supercar 0-60mph (3.3secs).

What is the fastest 125 motorbike?

Most of the fastest 125cc motorbikes have a top speed of 70mph – very few exceed this speed….The fastest 125cc motorbikes

  • Suzuki GSX-R125.
  • Yamaha YZF-R125.
  • Honda CB125R.
  • KTM 125 Duke.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 125.
  • Aprilia RS 125.
  • Yamaha MT-125.

What’s the fastest 125 4 stroke?

The fastest 125cc motorbikes

  • Suzuki GSX-R125. Image source:
  • Yamaha YZF-R125. Image source:
  • Honda CB125R.
  • KTM 125 Duke.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 125.
  • Aprilia RS 125.
  • Yamaha MT-125.

Are Aprilia RS 125 learner legal?

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