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How much does osupa collect per show?

How much does osupa collect per show?

Popular Nigerian fuji singer known as saheed osupa charge $50K – $100K per show.

Who is Saheed Osupa wife?

Olabisi Minat YusufSaheed Osupa / Wife (m. 2010)

How many album did Saheed Osupa release?

40 studio albums
He has released over 40 studio albums including a 4-in-1 studio album titled Mr. Music.

Who is the richest between Paso and osupa?

The difference between Pasuma’s and Osupa’s net worth is only 5 million Naira, then Pasuma is a bit richer, but people argue that the net worth of the musicians can be much higher. Both Fuji musicians are famous, own multi-million Naira mansions, expensive cars and are very wealthy.

Who is the richest between K1 and obesere?

Top 10 Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria (2022)

Rank Name Networth
1 K1 De Ultimate N800 Million
2 Pasuma N600 Million
3 Obesere N500 Million
4 Saheed Osupa N450 Million

Did osupa attend pasuma daughter wedding?

Fuji star Saheed Okunola popularly called Saheed Osupa has finally revealed why he attended KWAM1 daughters wedding ceremony despite the ongoing rivalry war between them. In his own words: “I’m a person that reciprocates gestures; K1 came for my mother’s burial, and I just have to attend his event too for the records.

How many wives pasuma have?

A lot of people, especially, Pasuma’s fans, know that he has never married but has 10 children (8 girls and 2 boys) from three women. The children are Wasilat, Barakat, Wasbar, Amirah, Opeyemi, Sultan, Waris, and Aliyah. The rest 2 children’s names are unknown. Most of Pasuma’s children live abroad.

Who is the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria?

Wasiu Ayinde Olawale Marshal popularly known as K1 De Ultimate is the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of N800 Million. He is generally as the King of Fuji music for popularizing a brand of the fuji genre based on the work of the fuji creator Ayinde Barrister.

Who is the most educated Fuji musician in Nigeria?

Adewale ayuba Is also The Most Educated Among Fuji Musician Adewale Ayuba who is also known as Mr Johnson on stage. Meaning his stage name that most called him is Mr Johnson. He was born in Ikenne Remo, Ogun state.

Who is the richest between pasuma and Malaika?

2. Pasuma Wonder – Net Worth of N555 Million

  • Abass Akande Obesere – Net Worth of N550 Million.
  • Saheed Osupa – Net worth of N500 million.
  • Sule Alao Malaika – Net worth of N450 million.
  • Adewale Ayuba – Net worth of N400 Million.
  • Shefiu Alao – Net worth of 350 million.
  • Muri Thunder – Net worth of N200 Million.

Who is the richest among fuji musician?

Wasiu Ayinde Anifowose Marshall
Ayinde Wasiu Mashal discovered his interest in music when he was 8. Although he still makes money from record sales, Ayinde Wasiu’s primary source of wealth is from his shows. Wasiu Ayinde Anifowose Marshall is the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of N800 million.

How much does Pasuma collect per show?

Popular Nigerian singer known as alhaji pasuma alabi charge $5K – $10K per show. Alhaji Pasuma Alabi make money from advertising and features an artist, though he help some upcoming artist for free charge even pasuma can even sponsor an artist he like.

Who is richer between pasuma and osupa?

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