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Is Dell tech support in India?

Is Dell tech support in India?

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Department Hours of Operation Phone Number
Work Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm Toll Free: 1800-425-4051 Toll: 080-2510-8035

Is Dell tech support 24 hours?

Contact with Sales Advisor Email to a Dell Expert and get response back in 24-48 hrs.

How can I register a complaint in Dell India?

Browse to the Find Support Requests page. Click Sign In and sign in to your Dell account. Alternatively, you can enter the Service Tag of the Dell personal computer and email address that is used to create the service request.

What is Dell technical support phone number?

(800) 999-3355Dell / Technical support

Where is Dell customer number?

Your Order Number and Customer Number are sent to you in the Order Confirmation document via email after your order is processed. Please be sure to check your Spam mailbox to see if your email filters have identified the email from Dell as spam. You can find your Customer Number and Order Number online 24/7.

Does Dell technical support cost money?

SupportAssist is free to all customers to help them with diagnosing their computers, and those that want to move up to the Premium Support model can do that starting at $39 per year. It is currently available in the USA and Canada on Dell Inspiron, Alienware, Venue, and Chromebook products.

What is Dell Support Assist?

​Dell SupportAssist is the first automated proactive and predictive support solution for PCs and tablets. SupportAssist also evaluates the health of your servers, storage and networking devices to eliminate downtime before it even starts.

How do I complain about a Dell laptop online?

Enter a Service Request Number, Dell Service Tag, Dell EMC Product ID, or Dispatch Number (DPS) to check Dispatch or Repair Status.

Where can I complain against Dell India?

So far so good – The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints….Dell India Phone Numbers.

Toll free
1800 425 8045 84 78
View more phone numbers
+91 80 2506 8026 73 110

How do I raise a complaint in Dell?

How can I return my Dell laptop in India?

9.2 If you are an end user customer and wish to return a product that you have directly purchased from Dell in India, we are happy to offer an exchange or refund, provided the products are returned to Dell within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery.

Is Dell Support Assist paid?

How much does SupportAssist cost? SupportAssist is available at no cost; however, features vary by service level entitlement. Systems with Basic service entitlements receive critical updates from Dell plus replacement part self-dispatches that result from Checkup scans.

Does Dell offer remote technical services?

24×7 access to experts to help with software, data backup, or setting up your home network. You go places. Dell is available even when you travel. If we can’t resolve the issue over the phone, a technician can meet you at home, work, or school.

How do I get to Dell Support Assist?

At the Dell logo, press the F2 key several times to access the BIOS Setup. Go to SupportAssist System Resolution or SupportAssist depending on your BIOS version. Go to SupportAssist OS Recovery or SupportAssist depending on your BIOS version.

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