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Is Guardian better than Warrior GW2?

Is Guardian better than Warrior GW2?

TL,DR: For me, guardian is stronger and more versatile, can go pretty much anywhere and work in every game mode. Warrior is more niche, but I find it more fun to play.

Why is guardian so popular GW2?

The theme is popular. Guardian is the best designed class in PvE, which is also the most popular mode. Guardian is extremely versatile and can use multiple weapons and multiple setups. Guardian has the strongest AOE damage.

Is warrior fun in GW2?

3659. I main warrior in every possible games and I find the warrior in GW2 quite fun to play but as in every game the warrior is an easy to play hard to master class and if you want to play it at full potential you will need a lot of brain to do so.

Which is better guardian or warrior?

Warrior has higher burst damage, high health but weakness is the defence side (active and healing). Guardian has good damage, high defence and weakness is low health. I favor more Guardian, but both are good.

Is warrior a good class in GW2?

That’s what the hammer is for! + Offensive support: Contrary to popular belief, the GW2 warrior is an excellent support and shines especially when it comes to increasing the power of a group using shouts or banners.

Are Guardians good Guild Wars 2?

The Guardian has a reputation for being the most durable profession in the game, due to their virtues and many utility and elite skills which focus on the use of boons, active defense, and protecting of allies in general.

What is the difference between a warrior versus a guardian mentality?

A warrior mindset would be the speed enforcement event covertly performed. Officers enforce the speed limit via means the driver doesn’t realize there is an enforcement event until he or she is stopped for a speeding violation. A guardian mindset would be the speeding enforcement event is performed overtly.

Which Guild Wars 2 class should I play?

The Engineer is the Guild Wars 2 best class for the tech-inclined. It uses a mixture of gadgets, turrets, and tool kits to cause mayhem. It is a brilliant utility class thanks to its ingenuity. It can become a Scrapper a class, which focuses on gyros to do its bidding.

What Guild Wars 2 class should I play?

What is the most popular race GW2?

Of Guild Wars 2’s five playable races, humans are by far the most popular according to data that ArenaNet put out last month . The Norn take a distant second place and the Asura, Sylvari and Charr linger even further behind.

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