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Is Rogue Mage good in TBC?

Is Rogue Mage good in TBC?

Mage/Rogue is the absolute best double DPS comp for a rogue but not that easy to master. Very popular since the birth of World of Warcraft, RM brings the strongest burst and one of the best CC chains in the game.

How much hit does Rogue need TBC PvP?

a class that stacks some defense. Enemy rogues also have heightened senses talents, so technically you’d need 9% hit there to avoid missing blind too. This is why a bit of hit on your pvp gear is still handy.

Is Rogue or Mage better in TBC?

Mage is easier to play in both pvp and pve. Mage is better for PvE because it’s ranged dps, and both are great PvP classes. Rogue is a master disabler and has multiple viable combs in arena.

What counters rogue mage?

The strongest counters to Mage/Rogue are Holy Paladin/Marksmanship Hunter, Discipline Priest/Survival Hunter, and Discipline Priest/Frost Death Knight.

Are mages good PvP TBC?

Frost Mages are one of the strongest specializations in TBC Classic PvP, having high control, survivability, and burst. They fit into all sorts of compositions and are great in all Arena brackets, Battlegrounds, and World PvP.

Is Fire Mage good in PvP TBC?

Viability of Fire Mages in TBC Classic PvP They have great burst damage, but because it is tied to long cooldowns, wins usually have to be fast or a loss is inevitable, especially against teams with a healer. They fit into no-healer Arena compositions and are also great in Battlegrounds and World PvP.

How much hit rating should a rogue have TBC?

For most 25-man raids, you will have a moonkin in your raid, so you can generally itemize towards 316 hit rating (or 300 hit rating if you are Alliance and have a Draenei in the party)….Expertise Table.

User Expertise
Non-Human (or Human using Dagger/Fists) 64

How much hit should a rogue have TBC?

It is absolutely essential that a Rogue has at least 9% increased chance to hit so that the special abilities like Sinister Strike cannot miss. Additional hit rating is still a very desirable stat to increase the likelihood of auto attacks being successful.

Which rogue spec is best TBC?

Rogues can choose from 3 specializations: Combat, Subtlety, and Assasination.

  • Combat is by far the strongest spec for PvE DPS.
  • Subtlety is the go-to PvP Spec for rogues in TBC.
  • Assassination is by far the weakest spec for Rogues in TBC.

Which rogue spec is best for PvP TBC?

Subtlety is the go-to spec for Rogues in TBC Classic. Subtlety excels at having high survivability, high burst windows, as well as high mobility. It is an all-around amazing specialization for PvP in TBC Classic.

Is Mage fun in TBC?

Are Mages good in TBC? Yes! Mages in TBC are absolute DPS machines and the reworked Arcane and Frost tree add a lot to the gameplay, ensuring that there is much more to it than simply pressing one button the whole night.

What were the best classes in TBC?

Knowing rotations might not be enough for a good game, so try to explore all possible skills of the classes we overview.

  • 3 place – MAGE.
  • 2 place – HUNTER.
  • 1 place – WARLOCK.
  • 3 place – HOLY PRIEST.
  • 2 place – HOLY PALADIN.

What is the best PvP class for TBC?

TBC Classic: Class tier list (PvP)

  • Retribution Paladin, Holy Paladin, Enhancement Shaman, Feral Druid.
  • Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid.
  • BM/Marksmanship Hunter, Restoration Shaman.
  • Frost Mage, Arms Warrior, Discipline Priest.
  • Restoration Druid, Subtlety Rogue, SL/SL Warlock.

What is the highest DPS in TBC?

Arcane Mage Arcane is the most powerful Mage specialization in TBC, and brings exceptional raw damage output along with some decent raid buffs that make Mages quite strong.

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