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Is Schlosser German?

Is Schlosser German?

Translation of Schlosser – German–English dictionary locksmith [noun] a person who makes and mends locks.

What Frage means?

Definition of frage : the lowest bid in a card game (as frog or skat)

What is the meaning of Liebling?

noun. babe [noun] a way of addressing someone you love, such as a husband or wife. See you later, babe! darling [noun] a dearly loved person (often used as a term of endearment)

What does Pfeffer mean in English?

noun. pepper [noun] the dried, powdered berries of a certain plant, used for seasoning food. white/black pepper.

What nationality is the last name Schlosser?

Schlosser is a German surname which can mean “locksmith”, “machinist”, or “metal worker.” Notable people with the surname include: Eric Schlosser (born 1959), American journalist and writer.

How do you pronounce Eric Schlosser?

er·ic schloss·er.

What does Frape mean?

Definition: A ‘Frape’ or ‘Fraping’ (a combination of ‘Facebook’ and ‘rape’) is when someone has used your Facebook account without permission and destroyed comments or pictures, or created new and offensive comments and pictures pretending to be you.

What is the meaning of Meine Liebe?

‘Meine Liebe’ can be used like ‘sweetheart’, ‘my dear’, ‘my love’ etc. i.e. a term of endearment. It doesn’t necessarily mean the person saying it is in love with you, though.

What is Schwarzer Pfeffer English?

black pepper {noun} Pfeffer.

How do I pronounce Pfeffer?


  1. IPA: /ˈpfɛfɐ/, /pfɛf(ː)ər/ (southern)
  2. IPA: /ˈfɛfɐ/ (most northern and central German speakers)
  3. audio. 0:01. (file)

What is a Wrake?

wrake (plural wrakes) (obsolete, archaic, literary) Suffering which comes as a result of vengeance or retribution.

Is Frate a word?

No, frate is not in the scrabble dictionary.

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