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What does an operational specialist do?

What does an operational specialist do?

The operational specialist’s responsibilities might range from ordering supplies to managing inventory, maintaining SOPs, liaising with HR and recruitment teams, and training staff.

Do you need a degree to be an operations specialist?

No, you do not need a degree to become an operations specialist. However, many employers prefer candidates who hold an associate or bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, or a related field.

How do you become an operations specialist?

Operations Specialist Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  2. 2+ years of experience as an operations specialist or in a similar role.
  3. Project management and leadership experience.
  4. Ability to analyze and improve operational processes.
  5. Strong people management and organizational skills.

What does a vessel operations manager do?

Responsible for managing the vessels P&L and keep abreast and ensure the implementation of procedures for reporting vessel performances (speed and consumption, hold cleaning, cargo separations) / explain underlying IMOS/P&L variances with the relevant chartering person for each operated voyage.

Is Operation specialist a good career?

Yes, becoming a business operations specialist is a great career, especially if you are an organized and detail-oriented professional with an interest in maintaining the smooth operations of an organization. One positive thing about this career is the potential financial benefits.

How much does an operations specialist make in the Navy?

The typical US Navy Operations Specialist salary is $58,245 per year. Operations Specialist salaries at US Navy can range from $16,344 – $111,678 per year.

What do operations specialist do in the Navy?

Operations Specialists function as plotters, radio-telephone and Command and Control sound-powered telephone talkers and maintain Combat Information Center (CIC) displays of strategic and tactical information. On any given day, Operations Specialists: Serve as watch supervisors and section leaders.

What is ship operation?

What are shipping operations? Shipping operations refer to the processes involved in transporting merchandise from one place to another. Most shipping operations can be classified as one of two types: freight shipping, and small parcel shipping.

What is vessel operation?

Vessel operations is a key part of the workboat industry and a growing part of the merchant marine fleet, providing critical marine services all over the world. Vessel operators work on all types of vessels that serve the coastal network of ports along the coasts, outer islands, and territories.

What is Branch Operation specialist?

– Processing of after sales transactions within the agreed service level standards. – Provides efficient servicing to customers and distributors. – Upkeep of branch office facilities. – Distributor relationship.

Where do operations specialists get stationed?

USN OSs are stationed primarily aboard USN deploying ships, FTS OSs are stationed aboard Naval Reserve Force (NRF) ships that deploy or conduct local operations.

What rank is OS in Navy?

Operations Specialist (abbreviated as OS) is a United States Navy and United States Coast Guard occupational rating. It is a sea duty-intensive rating in the Navy while most of Coast Guard OS’s are at ashore Command Centers….Operations specialist (United States Navy)

Operations Specialist
Specialty Technical Operations/Navigation

What is special shipboard operation?

Critical shipboard operations- where an error will immediately cause an accident or a situation that could threaten personnel, environment or vessel. e.g. navigation in confined waters, operation in heavy weather, bunker or oil transfers, cargo operations on tankers.

How many types of ship are there?

Most passenger ships fall into two subclasses, cruise ships and ferries.

How do I become a vessel operator?

How to Become a Vessel Operator. You either need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or a recognized maritime qualification to become a vessel operator or ship operator.

What do we call a ship operator?

A helmsman or helm (sometimes driver) is a person who steers a ship, sailboat, submarine, other type of maritime vessel, or spacecraft.

What rank is an operations specialist in the Navy?

Navy E-4/5/6 Operations Specialist Rating Badges Criteria: Worn by Operations Specialists (OS) with ranks from Petty Officer 3rd Class (E-4) to Petty Officer 1st Class (E-6). Operations Specialists are typically responsible for the operation of radar, navigation and communications equipment aboard naval vessels.

Where do OS get stationed?

How long is Navy OS a school?

10 weeks
Operations Specialist class “A” school is 10 weeks long, and the school is located in Great Lakes, Illinios. The OS rating requires a 60 month (5 year) service obligation.

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