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What is a Choueifat school?

What is a Choueifat school?

The International School of Choueifat – Lebanon is the mother school of the SABIS group of schools. It was established in the village of Choueifat, Lebanon in 1886 by Tanios Saad and Louisa Procter, an Irish woman who was teaching in the area. It was originally for girls only.

Who owns Choueifat school?

In 1976, SABIS opened its first school outside of Lebanon in Sharjah, in the U.A.E. In the UAE, the organization currently operates The International Schools of Choueifat and SABIS International Schools, located in six of the emirates.

What curriculum does Choueifat use?

In order to ensure that our curriculum is successfully implemented, we use the SABIS® Book Series in Kindergarten through High School in all core subjects. All SABIS® Books are designed to dovetail with the SABIS® curriculum and follow the SABIS Point System® of teaching.

Is SABIS American or British?

Overview. SABIS® is a global education network that has a presence in 20 countries. Originally from Lebanon, SABIS® runs non-selective, co-educational schools providing English-medium instruction to students through a rigorous academic program with regular testing.

Is SABIS an IB school?

The school offers a two-year program to fulfill the IB Diplomat requirements in Mathematics. The program embraces a framework underlying the vision and educational principles projected in the IB standards. The program is offered in four paths: Applications and Interpretation (Standard Level)

In which countries is SABIS in?

SABIS® Network

  • North America. Panama.
  • South America. Brazil.
  • Europe. Germany.
  • Africa. Egypt.
  • Asia. Azerbaijan.

Does Turkey have SABIS?

SABIS® Holds 17th Directors’ Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey The participants at the annual meeting, including ten first-time attendees, represented ten different nationalities and 1,298 collective years of experience in SABIS® .

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