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What is a legal break in 9-ball pool?

What is a legal break in 9-ball pool?

LEGAL BREAK SHOT. The breaker must strike the 1-ball first and either pocket a ball or drive at least four numbered balls to the rail.

What is a golden break in 9 ball?

The break consists of hitting the 1-ball, with the attempt to pocket any ball. If the nine-ball is successfully potted, the player automatically wins the rack. This is sometimes known as a golden break .

What is illegal break in pool?

If the breaker does not pocket a ball and fails to drive at least 4 balls to one or more rails, it is an illegal break. In the case of an illegal break, the opponent can either accept the table as is and play from there; choose to re-rack and break; or re-rack and have the breaker go again.

What happens if you scratch on the break?

7. SCRATCH ON A LEGAL BREAK. If a player scratches on a legal break shot, (1) all balls pocketed remain pocketed (exception, the 8-ball: see rule 9), (2) it is a foul, (3) the table is open.

Can you combo the 9 ball to win?

The player who legally makes the 9 ball in the called pocket wins. However, combo shots allow for the win to occur before all balls are removed from the table. You can combo into higher number balls, including the 9 ball, if you contact the lowest number ball first.

Is jump shot legal in pool?

Jump shots aren’t illegal in American pool, but to be legal, you need to approach the shot from a high angle and hit the ball down into the felt causing it to pop back up and over the ball you’re trying to jump. Many players employ a jump cue like the Cynergy Propel Jump Cue to make this easier.

What happens if you sink the cue ball on the break?

If any balls are sunk on the break, the breaking player continues to shoot. The table remains open after the break regardless of what is sunk on the break. Sinking the cue ball on break is a scratch and passes the turn to the opponent, giving them ball in hand.

What happens if you sink the 9 ball on a break?

LEGAL & ILLEGAL BREAKS If a player sinks the 9 Ball on their break, they will automatically win. This is referred to as the “Golden Break.” If both the 9 Ball and the Cue Ball are sunk on break, the 9 Ball is spotted back to its original position and the other player is given Ball in Hand.

What happens if the 9 ball is pocketed on the break?

Legally pocketing the 9-ball on the break wins the game for the breaker. Only on the shot immediately following the break, the shooting player may elect to call a “Push.” On a “Push Out,” (roll-out) the shooter is required to hit the cue ball, but the cue ball is not required to touch another ball or a rail.

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