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What is the difference between HTML partial and HTML render partial?

What is the difference between HTML partial and HTML render partial?

The primary difference between the two methods is that Partial generates the HTML from the View and returns it to the View to be incorporated into the page. RenderPartial, on the other hand, doesn’t return anything and, instead, adds its HTML directly to the Response object’s output.

What is a HTML partial?

A partial view is a Razor markup file ( . cshtml ) without an @page directive that renders HTML output within another markup file’s rendered output.

What is the benefits of HTML partial?

Html. Partial

  • Renders the partial view as an HTML-encoded string.
  • This method result can be stored in a variable, since it returns string type value.
  • Simple to use and no need to create any action.

What is the benefit of HTML dot render partial view using ASP.NET MVC Razor?

What is the benefits of Html. RenderPartial using ASP.Net MVC Razor Engine? A) @Html. RenderPartial Returns response, moreover requires to create action.

What is the difference between Renderbody and Renderpage in MVC?

It’s render specific page which you send as parameter where as render body not like that it will render all the view who ever having same layout. In render body we don’t required to pass any parameter; but render page we can pass the views path as parameter and optional to pass the data to view.

What is difference between partial view and view?

Views are the general result of a page that results in a display. It’s the highest level container except the masterpage. While a partial view is for a small piece of content that may be reused on different pages, or multiple times in a page.

What is RenderPage and RenderBody?

The RenderBody method indicates where view templates that are based on this master layout file should “fill in” the body content. RenderPage. Layout pages can also contain content that can be filled by other pages on disk. This is achieved by using the RenderPage method. This method takes either one or two parameters.

What is the difference between HTML action and HTML RenderAction?

The difference between the two is that Html. RenderAction will render the result directly to the Response (which is more efficient if the action returns a large amount of HTML) whereas Html. Action returns a string with the result.

What is RenderPage?

The difference between RenderSection and RenderPage is RenderPage reads the content from a file, whereas RenderSection runs code blocks you define in your content pages. The following code illustrates how to render a footer section. RenderSection expects one parameter and that is the name of the section.

What is the difference between Renderbody and RenderPage in MVC?

How do I render partial view?

You can render a partial view using Html. Action helper method. Like Html. RenderAction requires controller child action method which return PartialViewResult.

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