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What is the Web-INF folder for?

What is the Web-INF folder for?

WEB-INF. This directory, which is contained within the Document Root, is invisible from the web container. It contains all resources needed to run the application, from Java classes, to JAR files and libraries, to other supporting files that the developer does not want a web user to access.

Where can I find web-INF?

WEB-INF folder is under public_html folder. You can configure and add your content to your site yourself with. class files. In this directory you should place your .

What is difference between web-INF and META INF?

The META-INF directory is private and can’t be accessed from the outside. On the other hand, it also contains the WEB-INF public directory with all the static web resources, including HTML pages, images, and JS files. Moreover, it contains the web. xml file, servlet classes, and libraries.

What is the use of web xml file in Struts?

The web. xml web application descriptor file represents the core of the Java web application, so it is appropriate that it is also part of the core of the Struts framework. In the web. xml file, Struts defines its FilterDispatcher, the Servlet Filter class that initializes the Struts framework and handles all requests.

What does web-INF stand for?

As far as I know, “INF” stands for “Information”, as you said. It probably was named WEB-INF for similarity with the META-INF directory in JAR files.

What kind of files should be put under folder web-INF?

You should put in WEB-INF any pages, or pieces of pages, that you do not want to be public.

What is Web-INF Web xml?

/WEB-INF/web. xml – The Web Application Deployment Descriptor for your application. This is an XML file describing the servlets and other components that make up your application, along with any initialization parameters and container-managed security constraints that you want the server to enforce for you.

What does Web-INF stand for?

What is the role of web-INF when you are creating multiple servlet program?

This means that WEB-INF resources are accessible to the resource loader of your Web-Application and not directly visible for the public. This is why a lot of projects put their resources like JSP files, JARs/libraries and their own class files or property files or any other sensitive information in the WEB-INF folder.

What is META INF folder?

The META-INF folder is the home for the MANIFEST. MF file. This file contains meta data about the contents of the JAR. For example, there is an entry called Main-Class that specifies the name of the Java class with the static main() for executable JAR files. Follow this answer to receive notifications.

How do I add jars to WEB INF lib folder?

From the ToolBar to go Project> Properties>Java Build Path > Add External Jars . Locate the File on the local disk or web Directory and Click Open. This will automatically add the required Jar files to the Library.

What is web-INF web xml?

What does web INF stand for?

What is Valuestack in Struts2?

The Value Stack The value stack is a set of several objects which keeps the following objects in the provided order − Sr.No. Objects & Description. 1. Temporary Objects.

What is defaultStack interceptor in Struts2?

The interceptor-stack element is used to create an interceptor stack. A stack contains a group of interceptors. Each interceptor in the stack is defined using the interceptor-ref element. In this example we will create a stack similar to the defaultStack and customise the validation interceptor according to our need.

How do I create a META-INF folder?

How Do I Create a Jar File?

  1. In Eclipse, highlight your Project name and select File -> New -> Folder.
  2. Create a New File inside of META-INF named MANIFEST.MF Copy the following into MANIFEST.MF (make sure the last line in the file is a blank line)

Can I delete META-INF folder?

By deleting the META-INF directory, you remove the signature completely. Depending on your security settings, you might get an “unknown publisher” warning, but you’ll be able to run it. Ah, one of those other properties, the big one. Better copy it from there,instead of deleting.

What is the purpose of lib folder in a Java WEB application?

java source files ) on which your Source files depends upon. So these files are modules from other vendors or created by you before which can be used in this project. For example your project may depend on JDBC driver of MySQL if your are using MySQL. So this lib folder is the place where you can put this driver.

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