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What kind of wine is chocolate block?

What kind of wine is chocolate block?

The 2018 Chocolate Block is a blend of Syrah (69%), Grenache Noir (13%), Cinsault (9%), Cabernet Sauvignon (8%) and Viognier (1%).

Is chocolate block a good wine?

Incredibly well balanced with long lingering smooth finish of dark chocolate, dark fruit and dark pepper. Pairs incredibly with a grilled steak, roasted herb potatoes and charred veggies. David Skinner rated this wine as 91/100 with the following review: Dark ruby in colour, slight pink rim.

Is the chocolate block a red wine?

The Chocolate Block is a barrel-aged red wine made in Wine of Origin Swartland (Coastal Region) by the Boekenhoutskloof South African winery using the Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha Tinta, Cinsault, Syrah and Viognier varieties.

What’s a good red wine blend?

15 Best-Ranked Red Blends on Total Wine

  • Kendall-Jackson Napa Valley Vintner’s Reserve Red Wine Blend.
  • Robert Mondavi Oakville BDX.
  • Witching Hour California Red Blend.
  • Radius Washington State Red Blend.
  • A3 California Red Blend.
  • Crimson Thread California Red Blend.
  • Ancient Roots California Red Blend.

What is chocolate box wine?

Default Title – £12.99 GBP. Chocolate Box Cabernet Sauvignon is deep garnet red in colour, with strong notes of blackcurrant, cassis and dried herbs beautifully balanced with subtle vanilla, cassis and minty chocolate.

What does The Chocolate Block wine taste like?

Chocolate block is a delish, full-bodied red wine blend from the Swartland wine region with smoky dark cherry, cinnamon, clove, pepper spice, savoury herbs, menthol, cocoa and smoky vanilla flavours on the palate.

How does The Chocolate Block wine taste?

The fruit is layered on top of aromas of liquorice, pepper spice, vanilla, cloves, sweet tobacco and the ever present chocolate aromas. The palate is equally complex and enticing. The wine is dry with a high acidity, smooth tannins, full-bodied and shows flavours of fruit and chocolate.

Is chocolate block a dry wine?

Chocolate Block by Boekenhoutskloof from the South African wine-growing region of Swartland is a highly exciting cuvée from Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Cinsault and Viognier….Awards for the Chocolate Block by Boekenhoutskloof.

Product type: Wine
Type of Wine: Red wine
Wine colour: Red
Taste: dry
Vintage: 2020

What is a red wine blend called?

The phrase “red blend” refers to red wines that are made from different types of grapes blended together, rather than a wine made from just one single type of grape. Red blends are produced all over the world from an array of grape varieties.

What grape is chocolate block wine?

The Chocolate Block is a cult favourite – it usually sells out before it even hits the shop floor. It’s made by Boekenhoutskloof, named South Africa’s Winery of the Year 2020….Boekenhoutskloof ‘The Chocolate Block’ 2019/20, Western Cape.

Grape Syrah
Type Red
ABV ABV 14.50%
Region Swartland
Style Rich & Juicy

How long does chocolate block wine last?

A little bit about the wine: An intense and spicy wine that will fill your mouth with flavour, followed by a long succulent finish and an ageing potential of 8 years.

Should I decant chocolate block?

Structurally, it’s full-bodied and rich with abundant ripe tannin and a savoury, smoky finish; be sure to decant this one because it really opens up.

What is the sweetest red blend wine?

A couple of the sweet reds include: Riunite Lambrusco: The Riunite Lambrusco is a sweet red, semi-sparkling, made with Lambrusco Salamino, Lambrusco Marani, and Lambrusco Maestri grapes. It pairs with a variety of foods, as Lambruscos are meant to, but try something spicy which is where sweeter wines work well.

How do you drink red blend wine?

Here’s how to drink red wine.

  1. Take a look at the label of the bottle. Do not start pouring the wine already; try and read the label on the bottle to get an understanding of the source of wine and how old is it.
  2. Pick the right glassware.
  3. Now pour and swirl.
  4. Sniff the glass of wine.
  5. Taste the wine.

What is the most popular wine blend?

Bordeaux Blend
Bordeaux Blend Originating from Bordeaux, France, the world’s most popular wine blend uses Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot as the base ingredient along with Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot, and (sometimes) Carménère. There are many variations of this blend, depending on where it’s grown.

How does the chocolate block wine taste?

Is red blend wine sweet or dry?

Most red blend wines tend to be on the sweeter side, but some red blend wines are medium to full-bodied and tend to be less sweet.

Is it bad to refrigerate red wine?

Just as you store open white wine in the refrigerator, you should refrigerate red wine after opening. Beware that more subtle red wines, like Pinot Noir, can start turning “flat” or taste less fruit-driven after a few days in the refrigerator.

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