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What role is Outworld Destroyer?

What role is Outworld Destroyer?

The Outworld Destroyer creates an Essence Flux, balancing the tides of mana between him and his opponents. Stealing from the minds of those in his Astral Imprisonment, Outworld Destroyer turns raw intelligence into destructive power.

Is Outworld Destroyer good?

One of the best heroes at trading hits Without the hero’s prior history coloring context, his base stats make Outworld Destroyer read like one of the best hit-traders in the game. He now has nearly seven base armor at level one, good for sixth in the hero roster and second for ranged characters.

How do you play against Outworld Devourer?

Heroes that can counter OD:

  1. Nyx Assassin: Mana burn is the bane of OD’s existence.
  2. Legion Commander: To an extent.
  3. Silencer: Same thing.
  4. Meepo: Does a tremendous burst damage with a proper poof combo.
  5. Pugna: Nether ward.

How do you beat Outworld Destroyer mid?

Laser is useful against Outworld Destroyer, as the blind prevents him from landing Arcane Orbs. Butterfly, can become a nuisance to Outworld Destroyer as it reduces his ability to deal damage and build charges through Arcane Orb.

Who counters OD mid?

Zeus. He is an excellent hero to stand the mid lane, and farms well and does not allow OD to farm. This hero is also able easy enough to inflict a lot of damage, which will help to kill OD alone easily.

Who is good against arc warden?

Chaos Meteor, Invoker can easily burst down Arc Warden (plus his clone if he spawns it.) Orchid Malevolence can shut down Arc Warden pretty hard, especially when Invoker has a good lane against him if he kills him early on. Ice Wall limit’s Arc Wardens mobility and damage, crippling him greatly.

Who counters brood mid?

Winter Wyvern is one of the best counters to Brood, as she can both hold Brood in place and kill her spiders.

Who works well with Bristleback?

Omni can be one of the best defensive supports in the game whenever there are no counters against him. That’s why it’s no surprise that he works very well with Bristleback, which makes the already hard to kill hero nearly immortal.

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