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What song did Nine Inch Nails cover?

What song did Nine Inch Nails cover?

Songs covered by Nine Inch Nails

Song Play Count
Physical (You’re So) (Adam and the Ants cover) 56
Metal (Gary Numan cover) 46
Hand Covers Bruise (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross cover) 16
I Can’t Give Everything Away (David Bowie cover) 14

What are the Nine Inch Nails albums?

The Downward Spiral1994Pretty Hate Machine1989The Fragile1999With Teeth2005Year Zero2007Hesitation Marks2013
Nine Inch Nails/Albums

Who covered Nine Inch Nails Closer?

Back in 2020 Beth and St. Vincent recorded covers of Nine Inch Nails songs for a series of Amazon Original Covers celebrating the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, and today (13 May) Beth has made her cover of “Closer” available on all streaming services for the first time.

Why did Johnny Cash cover Hurt?

The musician was suffering from autonomic neuropathy brought on by diabetes and by the time he recorded Hurt, his health was failing. “There were times when his voice sounded broken,” said Rubin. “He tried to turn that into a positive in the selection of the music. It was a real struggle for him.”

How many NIN albums are there?

How many halos does NIN have?

Though it contains four halos, the number given to the box labels it as an expanded version of Halo 2. NIN’s second single promotion with studio remixes of “Head Like A Hole”, “Terrible Lie”, and “Down In It”.

What font is the Nine Inch Nails logo?

In the realm of corporate identity, Reznor’s ’94-’98 empire is nearly unparalleled in its replicability: virtually anything could be Nine Inch Nailed via the inclusion of a spiralled form. The shirt—black, as all concert tees should be—also used DIN 1451, a typeface that would ultimately serve as NIN’s house style.

Who wrote Closer NIN?

Trent ReznorCloser / Lyricist

Which Johnny Cash songs are covers?

Johnny Cash’s 11 Coolest Cover Songs

  • ‘One’ (U2)
  • ‘Johnny 99’ (Bruce Springsteen)
  • ‘No Expectations’ (The Rolling Stones)
  • ‘Redemption Song’ (Bob Marley)
  • ‘I Won’t Back Down’ (Tom Petty)
  • ‘Rusty Cage’ (Soundgarden)
  • ‘I’m on Fire’ (Bruce Springsteen)
  • ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’ (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Who first wrote the song Hurt?

“Hurt” is a song by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails from its second studio album, The Downward Spiral (1994), written by Trent Reznor. It was released on April 17, 1995, as a promotional single from the album. The song received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rock Song in 1996.

Why are NIN albums called halos?

Halo numbers are the numbers assigned to pieces of the Nine Inch Nails discography in the order that they are released, so that a collection can be neatly ordered. Halo numbers are sometimes modified for variations of a release, such as the different versions of The Downward Spiral.

Why are Nine Inch Nails albums called halos?

Each Official Nine Inch Nails release has received a Halo number, a chronological number based on when it was released, following the word ‘Halo’. Trent Reznor was inspired by Depeche Mode, who used a similar system to name their albums and singles, STUMM and BONG, respectively.

What is fragile halo?

Halo 14
The Fragile (also known as Halo 14), released on September 21, 1999, is the fourth studio album by Nine Inch Nails. The album features a rich array of electronic beats, ambient noise, and heavy guitar.

What brand is Nin?

Nine Inch Nails
Origin Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Genres Industrial rock industrial alternative rock electronic rock industrial metal ambient
Years active 1988–present
Labels Nothing TVT Interscope Columbia Capitol The Null Corporation
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