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What Sonic game has Chao?

What Sonic game has Chao?

Chao can be transferred between Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut—Nintendo GameCube ports of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure—and the GBA games featuring a Tiny Chao Garden. Unusually, a generic Chao is an unlockable character in the party game Sonic Shuffle.

Are there any games like Chao Garden?

there are games that are chao gardens, like chao resort island, but nothing that is like one. Originally posted by Lucious: Originally posted by Bark Bark: there are games that are chao gardens, like chao resort island, but nothing that is like one.

Can Sonic Adventure 2 play on PC?

Sonic Adventure™ 2 makes its return on Playstation®Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and PC Digital Download with a full cast of playable heroes and villains, exciting two-player competitive modes, Chao Gardens and more than 30 action-packed stages, all remastered in HD.

How old is Chao?

An adult Chao will have roughly 29 hours of life before dying or reincarnating, assuming its RL values are 4000 when born. And, rather unintuitively, since RL2 only begins decreasing for adult Chao, an earlier evolution will decrease overall lifespan (by a fairly small amount.)

Where is Chao Garden played?

You can easily play through Sonic Adventure 2 without knowing the Chao Garden existed. To get inside the Chao Garden mode, you will need to find one of the three Chao boxes placed in each level, which will contain a key that transports you to the Garden when you beat the level.

How do I unlock Chao World?

The only way to unlock the Chao World per character is by getting the Chao Key placed in every stage.

Is Sonic Adventure on PC?

Sonic Adventure DX on Steam.

Why is my Chao crying?

The chao holds its stomach sadly. If you take food away from your Chao while it is eating, it will start crying. There is a chance Chao will throw away food if hunger is at 0.

How do you abuse a Chao?

Conversely, Chao abuse is a somewhat obscure form of Chao raising, in which one abuses their Chao. This can be done in a manner of ways, such as starving a Chao, leaving it in the water when it can’t swim, or simply inflict physical harm upon it.

How do you make an evil Chao?

In this game, one can evolve a Chao into a Dark Chao by feeding them Dark Fruit and raise that Chao with Shadow, Rouge and/or Dr. Eggman. Once they go into their first cocoon, the Chao will become a Dark Chao.

How do you get tails Chao on PC?

The Tails Chao is the only Character Chao which can be legitimately obtained with regular copies of the game! The Tails Chao can be obtained through Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II. See the Phantasy Star Online page of the Tiny Chao Garden section for more details on how to get it.

Is Sonic DX on Steam?

Sonic Adventure DX on Steam. An ancient evil lurking within the Master Emerald has been unleashed from its slumber by the devious Dr. Eggman and is on the verge of becoming the ultimate monster using the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Only Sonic and his friends are heroic enough to put a stop to Dr.

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